Heads up! Next-gen projects are now named team-managed projects. All the valuable features described on this page remain the same.

Software development, made easy

Jira Software next-gen combines simplicity and power for a reimagined project tracking experience for software teams.

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Discover the latest in our product roadmap

We've opened up the Jira Software Cloud product roadmap so you can see the features we shipped recently and what’s coming soon.

Keep the entire team in sync on the status of work

Individual contributors, stakeholders, and project admins can view dependencies, blockers, and track progress on the integrated next-gen roadmap.

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Configure your project and go

Every team has a unique way of working. Allow Jira next-gen to adapt to how your team works best by toggling features on and off at the project level.

Jira mobile

Use Jira Cloud mobile to move work forward from anywhere.

Track and manage all aspects of your team's work in real time from the convenience of your iOS or Android device with Jira Cloud mobile.

Jira mac

Jira Cloud for Mac is ultra-fast. It's native. It's Dark Mode.

Download the free Jira Cloud for Mac app for a snappier, native Jira experience. Now featuring Dark Mode.

Unblock your workflow

Set up and manage every type of workflow, from Scrum and Kanban to something entirely customized to your team’s process - and make work flow.

Maintain one version of work’s status

Track every work item within a project in a single view so the most relevant and current information reaches the right people, teams, and tools.

Predict, manage, and improve with integrated reports

Optimize every stage of your team’s workflow with a variety of out-of-the-box reports designed to help you make the right data-driven decisions.

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“At Looker, we leverage tools to empower Lookers’ productivity. The new Jira enables Looker teams to communicate effectively with management via roadmaps without the friction of centralized administration. Next-gen frees teams to produce.”

Chester Dean

Director of Business Technology Operations at Looker

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