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Jira Align for product management

Maximize your value delivery

The product management team’s road to agility

The challenges often include:

We can't seem to keep strategy aligned with what the delivery team is actually working on.

Jira Align solves this by:

Providing an insanely great collaborative roadmap document that shines the guiding light of strategy across work.

It's not super clear how we make 100% sure the right things are being built first.

Gathering all the information you need from across the business to prioritize and plan in one tidy, organized place.

Accurately and confidently measuring and analyzing value against vision, budget, and goals is a pipe dream right now.

Enabling the continual re-evaluation of vision and goals against cost and value in easy-to-use dashboards.

The challenges often include:

Leadership struggles to make sure that our organization is driving enterprise value by staying in lock step with corporate strategy--and being able to prove it.

There is a constant, nagging feeling of needing to keep the Exec team and C-suite confident the investment made in engineering is really paying off.

Accountability of the individual programs (and their teams) for work they’ve committed to becomes a complicated, unclear burden.

Jira Align solves this by:

Furnishing real-time, up-to-date views into where value is being delivered in the portfolio relative to what the heck we’re spending all this money on.

Reporting tailored to executive needs, so that information can be delivered up to the highest levels accurately, quickly, and regularly.

Providing metrics and scorecards that provide transparency into what the teams are actually working on.

“[Jira Align] helps us to get more work done faster, better, and to reduce friction in our whole development life cycle."

Senior Product Manager

 Fortune 50 Corporation

Features product managers love

Join us in Product Management nirvana, a lush garden of convenient reporting and other powerful enablers!

Multiple pages icon

Program board

Visualize the agreement between product management and the development teams on what functionality will be delivered when in the upcoming or current PI.

Bar chart icon

Forecasting and simulation

Predict possible outcomes of your decisions and assess the impact of risk, allowing for better decision making under uncertainty.

Browser with eye icon

Program tracking

One-page view of the status of all Agile objects, including risks, dependencies, objectives, epics, and features.

Expand icon

Rolled-up progress

Get a full picture of everything being developed from the epic level all the way down to the task level.

Map icon

Multi-tiered roadmaps

This is the place to get a high-level representation of major organizational development plans by product line.

Move container icon

Backlog management

Prioritize capabilities across multiple value streams.

Explore the benefits for other roles in your organization

Portfolio management

Communicate the value of funding strategic initiatives to investors, analysts, and employees.

Program management

Track and resolve program risks, impediments, and dependencies while keeping everyone informed.

Release train engineers

Ensure programs run smoothly and resources are perfectly allocated to nail on-time delivery.


Ensure Initiatives maximize value, right-size scope and stay within budget from end to end.


Drive enterprise value of your high-level mission and vision while connecting strategy to execution.

Transformation teams

Drive digital transformation with a framework customized to scale agile in your enterprise.

Delivery teams

Execute against sprint work that tracks back to your organization's high-level strategy.

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