Confluence social intranet software

Confluence intranet software

Confluence empowers company-wide collaboration and innovation by providing one open place to create, share, and connect.

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Intranet software that connects people and ideas

“​Kiva has a value of transparency. Confluence definitely helps us to provide that”

— Kevin O'Brien, CTO at KIVA


Your team is your people. Confluence is an intranet platform encouraging people to establish relationships, have open communication, and work better together.

Through unique collaboration features, flexible content management, and a simply powerful search engine, Confluence is the solution that gives every member of the team the power to contribute.

  1. Give everyone a voice

    Give every person, project, and team a Space to share ideas and communicate. From personal blog posts and team announcements to the day-to-day work, author rich content with ease.

  2. Search less, discover more

    Organize pages and files in a structured hierarchy so it's easy for anyone to find. Use a powerful and smart search engine to discover information across your company.

  3. Collaboration without boundaries

    Break down barriers within and across teams with quick sharing and real-time collaboration. Likes, comments, and @mentions keep feedback contextual and your team talking on the same page.

Let Confluence be your single source of truth

Confluence is intranet software for today's team, capturing knowledge trapped in email and chat in one Space. From announcing a team happy hour to getting feedback on a proposal, Confluence is a flexible solution that builds community, encourages collaboration, and moves work forward.

Confluence social intranet software

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JIRA and Confluence integration

Track progress in Jira, collaborate in Confluence

Connect seamlessly with Jira software so you can easily add context to your projects in one central location.

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Confluence social intranet software add-ons and integrations

Extend your intranet with add-ons

Make Confluence your own with custom themes, branding, workflows, and much more.

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