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August 2023

Collaborate without bounds – Confluence guests are here 🙌: Invite people outside your organization safely into Confluence to get work done faster, now available in all paid plans. Show me more

Page publishing notifications

Navigating spaces just got easier 🧭: A brand new space navigation experience is coming soon with refreshed UX and organization, making accessing the right content so much faster. See the new look

Share to slack from within Confluence

July 2023

Take greater control over your page publishing ✏️: The new publish dialog enables you to choose where to publish, who can see the page, and whether to send notifications to watchers of that space. Learn more

Page publishing notifications

Share content to Slack without leaving Confluence : Use the new tab in “Share” button to send a page directly to Slack, saving you the hassle of context-switching. Try now

Share to slack from within Confluence

Assign and transfer ownership of pages 👩🏽‍🌾: Page owners can now be changed so you know the most up-to-date person to contact about the page’s content. Check it out

Change owner of a page in Confluence

Change the status of Jira issues straight from Confluence ➡️: Now you can use smart links to update or transition the status of Jira issues without leaving the context you have in Confluence. See in action

Change Jira statuses from within Confluence

[Premium and Enterprise only] New admin announcement banner 📣: Make company-wide announcements or share time-sensitive news to users across your organization. Learn more

Confluence announcement banner

[Premium and Enterprise only] Create Jira issues using Confluence Automation ⚙️: Use Confluence Automation to create your Jira issues for you, without even leaving Confluence. Try it out

Creating Jira issues from within Confluence

June 2023

Your Daily Digest got a makeover 💇‍♀️: The Daily Digest email now features a readable summary of changes in Confluence, ability to view page history quickly, and will soon replace individual email notifications. Check it out

Confluence updates

Move pages from inside the editor : Have you ever created a page and then realized you made it in the wrong place? Now you can easily move pages and blogs without publishing or leaving the editor! See in action

Move pages within Confluence

Table of Contents macro has been upgraded 💪: The new Table of Contents macro enables you to toggle between basic and advanced settings to easily customize your table of contents to look exactly how you want it to. Read the update

Table of contents within Confluence

Spelling correction now in Confluence search 🔍: No more worrying about small search typos – Confluence search now provides spelling correction suggestions so you can find what you need faster. Learn more

Link to Confluence pages from Jira Work Management boards 🖇️: Attach project plans, meeting notes, or other relevant context to your Jira Work Management tasks without leaving board view. Check it out

May 2023

Connect and visualize data from multiple sources 📊: Input data from multiple sources into one table to visualize connected information in a single chart with all new Table Extensibility. Learn more

Find information faster with anchored links in embedded pages ⚓️: No more scrolling through a page! Smart links now let you jump directly to a desired heading. Read more

Reuse content across Confluence even faster 🏎️ :The excerpt include macro now includes a dropdown of available excerpts so you don’t have to remember and manually enter excerpt names. Check it out

April 2023

Introducing 13 new space templates 😍: Kickstart your work fast with space templates. From marketing and design to product management, your team is covered with team-specific page templates and suggested content. See new templates

View Confluence pages in Jira Work Management 👀: Never lose track of work with the new ability to link and easily access Confluence pages from Jira Work Management. Learn more

Embed Trello boards with smart links 🖇: Move cards, add columns, and fully interact with Trello boards all within your Confluence page. Read more

This month at Team’23, we announced some brand new features 🌟 coming soon to Confluence. Join the waitlists below to be the first to know when they release.

🌟 Whiteboards: Brainstorm ideas, visualize workflows, and turn sticky notes into actionable deliverables like Jira issues and Confluence pages in one click. Join beta waitlist

🌟 Databases: Change and update content as often as your work does. Organize data and information in one database table that syncs across pages in real-time, keeping everyone up-to-date, automatically. Join databases waitlist

🌟 Atlassian Intelligence: Atlassian Intelligence to all Atlassian products, your new AI-powered virtual teammate. Summarize meetings, define new work, craft the perfect response, and get answers 24/7 – all from Confluence. Get early access

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Confluence named Top 5 Software Products by G2 🏆

We’re honored to be one of the Top 5 Best Software Products of 2023 by G2! Help others learn about Confluence too. Write a review


March 2023

Never lose track of a task again ✅: All of your tasks are now viewable in one place on Confluence Home, with new sorting, filtering, and grouping features that make checking off action items easier than ever. Learn more

Confluence templates for every ITSM need 🤝: Confluence templates tailored to ITSM uses are now available to all Jira Service Management users, making the cross-product workflow even smoother. See new templates

Test out an improved search bar 🔍: The latest upgrade to the Confluence search bar includes suggested corrections to common typos, helping you find what you need faster. Join early access program

12 Small but Mighty product improvements 💪: From boosters to the Editor experience to hefty bug fixes, these seemingly small updates can have mighty impact on your team’s daily workflow. See the updates

February 2023

Automation for Confluence is here ⚡️: Replace your manual tasks with automated processes, from scheduling reminders to organizing content. Finally, you can focus on the work that actually matters. Learn more

Creating a Confluence space has never been easier 🤩: The process of creating a space has been revamped with a preview of your space and templates to tailor exactly to you and your team’s needs. Check it out

View Jira tickets faster on Confluence Mobile 📱: Based on your feedback, the Jira Macro on the mobile app now loads tickets to be viewable automatically onto your Confluence screen. See the look

Get early access to a new Confluence feature 🎨 : We’re looking for teams who want to try a new way to visually collaborate! Use our newest tool before everyone else. Join the waitlist

Recent improvements based on customer feedback 💗 : Learn about UI upgrades, smart link preferences, new templates, and other updates based directly on your input and ideas. Read the updates

January 2023

Steal your teammates' favorite templates: Easily emulate other pages by checking which template your teammate used at the top of any Confluence page. Learn more

Importing Microsoft Word docs just got easier: The Microsoft Word import has moved to a new location right next to templates when you create a new Confluence page. Learn more

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Confluence Wrapped 2022

To celebrate 2022, we wrapped up this year’s most popular features with superlatives! Can you guess which won “The GOAT” Award?
See top features of 2022

December 2022

Brand new Confluence for iPad: The new version of the app includes redesigned navigation, new keyboard shortcuts, and more accessibility improvements. Get the update

New Activity Feed for Android app: The Activity Feed is a popular feature on web and iOS that helps users stay up-to-date on spaces and people they’re following. Now it’s on Android too! Learn more

Fill out Jira Work Management forms in Confluence: You can now view and fill out forms from Jira Work Management directly within a Confluence page. Just copy the form link and paste it in! Learn more

New Out of office plan template: just in time for the holiday season, use this template to communicate projects and contacts in one place for team visibility and a stress-free OOO. Learn more

Squashing the Confluence bug backlog: We heard you! Big bug fixes are underway that prioritize the most painful experiences that impact the most customers. Learn more

November 2022

10 new templates are live in Confluence: Jumpstart your work with new templates for presentations, change management, priority mapping, and more! Learn more

Site admins can now set full-width mode as global default: With full-width mode becoming more popular among users, site admins now have the ability to make full-width pages the default for all your teams. Learn more

Key Confluence updates based on your feedback: We heard you! Product upgrades including task automation, new page permissions, and editor improvements are coming your way. Learn more


October 2022

Indenting and outdenting content is so much easier: We heard your feedback! New indent and outdent buttons are now available on the Editor toolbar. Learn more

Exported PDFs better match Confluence pages: Based on your feedback about PDFs, now PDF exports better mirror the layout, design, look and feel of their original Confluence pages. Learn more

Embedded Confluence Pages in Jira Work Management: Goodbye, tab-switching! Confluence Pages are now embedded into Jira Work Management projects, so you can document notes, track outcomes, and stay aligned on work, all in one place. Learn more

September 2022

Edit Confluence pages within Smart Links: Within the popular Smart Links feature, you can now edit Confluence pages directly through the embed view. That means more streamlined work! Learn more

A new look for page labels: You gave us feedback that labels were difficult to add and view, so we made them more prominent and are building smart capabilities for labels. Learn more

Follow your teammates on Confluence: Working closely with another teammate? You can follow users to stay up-to-date on each other’s projects on your own Home page. Learn more

August 2022

Drafts are now easier to find than ever: Don't worry about losing track of unfinished pages – drafts are now viewable in the Page Tree, Home, Recent, and more – so you can pick up right where you left off. Learn more

Page updates all in one place: Introducing the Confluence Daily Digest; one daily email summarizing all of your page updates in one place. Learn more

Confluence shortcuts got an upgrade: Rearrange or remove shortcuts with one click, and enjoy icons that clarify the type of content you’re looking at (and add some color, too.) Learn more

Viewing Excel files in Confluence just got better: Based on your feedback, Excel files are now displayed as a spreadsheet with tabs instead of a PDF. Learn more

Create templates in full-width: Utilizing full-width mode is popular for viewing large tables or visuals. Now, you can create and edit templates in full-width too! Learn more

Key Confluence upgrades based on your feedback: New updates include improved usability features, better search tools, new integrations, and faster technical performance. Learn more

July 2022

Page status, a new way to stay informed on Confluence: When work happens quickly, it’s important to know whether information is incomplete, in review, or in its final stage. Page status makes this simple with easy-to-read customizable statuses. Learn more

Discover like-content with related pages: Introducing related pages, a new feature that uses smarts to help surface the most relevant Confluence pages for you. Learn more

Express yourself with Confluence reaction: Confluence pages are now even more interactive and engaging with reactions. You and your team can choose from dozens of emoji reactions or create custom ones. Learn more

Editing pages just got easier: If you often edit long Confluence pages, you've likely experienced the annoyance of scrolling down the entire page once you enter edit mode. Not anymore! Now with quick edit, you’re automatically taken to the same spot you were viewing. Learn more

June 2022

Tell data-driven stories with Table Visualization: In just a few clicks, you can now turn your tables into dynamic pie charts, bar charts, or line charts, edit values, and present your insights — all without leaving Confluence! Learn more

Microsoft Teams got a Confluence upgrade: You can now create, edit, and collaborate on Confluence content without leaving Microsoft Teams — with all the same capabilities like collaborative editing and commenting. Learn more

Key Confluence functionality is now 3x-4x faster: The Confluence Performance team has been hard at work to improve load times on Page Tree, Quick Search, inline comments, images, and more. And this is just the beginning! Learn more

Find content faster with breadcrumbs: Take the mystery out of search with breadcrumbs in advanced search results! Quickly get contextual insight into a page’s location and hierarchy so you don’t have to click through every result. Learn more

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