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Welcome to the latest in Confluence Cloud, where we highlight new features and product updates. For detailed release notes, see the cloud releases blog.

May 2024

Dark mode for Confluence whiteboards 🌗: Dark mode for Confluence whiteboards is here! Enable it today for better concentration during those long brainstorming sessions. Learn more

dark mode for whiteboards

Loom in Confluence: join the beta waitlist 📋: Be one of the first to try adding video walkthroughs and updates to your teams' work. Save your spot to join the Loom in Confluence beta. Join the waitlist

loom in confluence

Get the latest on AI in Confluence 🧠: Check out exciting Atlassian Intelligence capabilities coming to Confluence – from AI summaries to AI in whiteboards. Learn more

new AI features in Confluence

April 2024

Whiteboards is officially here! 🎉: Create flowcharts, build workflows, organize brainstorms, and so much more with Confluence whiteboards. Learn more

Bring all of your work together in one place 📚: Loom, Sharepoint, Figma, and more in Confluence? Centralize all your work by adding smart links directly in the content tree. Learn more

smart links in content tree

Introducing verified pages ✅: Page owners and admins can add a new “verified” status for important content – helping users find the latest info. Learn more

verified page status

New AI components for Automations 🧠: Go beyond explicit word matching with new AI conditions, and even create summaries and generate action items with AI. Premium and Enterprise only. Learn more

New AI Automations

New smart values panel in Automations 🧠: Smart values are dynamic variables that make your rules more flexible. The new side panel lets you now easily find the smart value you need. Premium and Enterprise only. Learn more

new smart panels automation

Configure indexing language ⚙️: Admins can now configure their site’s indexing language themselves in Confluence administration, without having to contact support. Learn more

configure indexing language

March 2024

Introducing the all-new content topper ⭐: Modernize your pages with larger cover images, bigger title fonts and emojis, and more formatting options. Learn more

Add in-line images 📷: Insert images anywhere and any way you want between block-level and in-line images. Learn more

Drag-and-drop for tables is here! 🙌: Confluence now supports drag-and-drop for tables for easier reordering of columns and rows. Plus, new table control and auto-scroll for extra large tables. Find out more

Confluence Databases table

February 2024

Confluence databases (beta) are here! 💡: Explore the newest way to structure, sync, and display information in Confluence. Find out more

Confluence Databases table

Mission control is live for product admins 🚀: Quickly access site-level insights and controls all in one place to help save time and make better data-based decisions. Learn more

Quick view of insights and controls in Confluence's mission control

Bust company jargon with AI Definitions ✨: Define company-specific terms, acronyms, and project names by hovering over them, so you can get up to speed faster. Check it out

AI definitions being added in a Confluence document

New in Confluence whiteboards (beta) ⭐: New templates, Jira smart sections, line labels and more… check out what’s new in Confluence whiteboards (beta)! See what's new

Jira smart sections in Confluence whiteboards

December 2023

Atlassian Intelligence logo

Atlassian Intelligence is now generally available to all Premium and Enterprise customers!

Define terms on a page 📓: Not sure what an acronym stands for? Use AI to find the meaning for you and reference the linked sources used to generate the definition. Learn more

AI-powered automation ⚙️: With the AI rule builder and new templates, getting automatically generated email summaries and action items has never been easier. Read about it

Search faster, write better, make information more digestible, and more ⚡️ with new AI features now available in Confluence and across the Atlassian platform. See the announcement

Image of a web browser

Create new Confluence pages without leaving your Jira issue 📝: Whether you're adding product requirements, drafting a testing report, documenting a product decision, or capturing meeting notes, add the context your team needs faster than ever. See how it’s done

Image of Confluence AI

Create new content without leaving your current page ✍️: Start new content without leaving the context that got you started using the new slash command to create Jira issues and Confluence pages directly from Confluence pages and comments. Learn more


November 2023

Automate, for every teammate 🧭: Now admins and users across your Confluence site can automate tedious tasks for more time savings company-wide. Learn more

Image of a web browser

Delete Confluence pages in bulk 🗑️: Cleaning up your space has never been easier — now you can delete or archive content in bulk! Check it out

Image of Confluence AI

October 2023

Turn your pages into public-facing resources with public links 🔗 : All new public links give you the ability to share view-only pages with anyone — customers, agencies, contractors, and beyond — with one click. Check it out 

Image of a web browser

Confluence Home got a full refresh ✨: Your home page features a cleaner feel and more intuitive navigation with simpler cards, new icons, and more. See the new look

Image of Confluence AI

Schedule announcement banners ahead of time 📢: Have a company-wide update to share? Admins can now plan announcements ahead of time to publish exactly when you’re ready. Plan ahead Use announcement banners. See how it's done

Click-and-drag tables to any width 📐: Enjoy the new freedom of customizing tables to any size based on your content needs. Find out more

New ways to resize images 📏: Use the side handle to drag images to any size, or enter specific pixel dimensions in the floating toolbar to get as precise as you need. Check it out

View and edit Confluence pages in Google Meet 👫: Goodbye, tab-switching! Bring Confluence into Google Meet to take meeting notes, collaborate on project plans, and more. See more

Image of a google meet

September 2023

Say hello to Dark theme in Confluence 😎: A top requested feature is here: Confluence themes! You can now switch your display to a Dark theme, Light theme, or match your browser settings. Find out more

Page publishing notifications

Open Confluence pages without leaving Jira 👀: Create, view, and edit Confluence pages directly within Jira by clicking on a linked page in the issue view. Read more

Share to slack from within Confluence

Preview Confluence pages in Google Docs🕵️‍♀️: Get instant context and visibility to any Confluence content linked in Google Docs using the smart chips app. Check it out

Share to slack from within Confluence

[Premium and Enterprise only] Create Jira issues using Confluence Automation ⚙️: Use Confluence Automation to create your Jira issues for you, without even leaving Confluence. Try it out

Share to slack from within Confluence

August 2023

Collaborate without bounds – Confluence guests are here 🙌: Invite people outside your organization safely into Confluence to get work done faster, now available in all paid plans. Show me more

Page publishing notifications

Navigating spaces just got easier 🧭: A brand new space navigation experience is coming soon with refreshed UX and organization, making accessing the right content so much faster. See the new look

Share to slack from within Confluence

July 2023

Take greater control over your page publishing ✏️: The new publish dialog enables you to choose where to publish, who can see the page, and whether to send notifications to watchers of that space. Learn more

Page publishing notifications

Share content to Slack without leaving Confluence : Use the new tab in “Share” button to send a page directly to Slack, saving you the hassle of context-switching. Try now

Share to slack from within Confluence

Assign and transfer ownership of pages 👩🏽‍🌾: Page owners can now be changed so you know the most up-to-date person to contact about the page’s content. Check it out

Change owner of a page in Confluence

Change the status of Jira issues straight from Confluence ➡️: Now you can use smart links to update or transition the status of Jira issues without leaving the context you have in Confluence. See in action

Change Jira statuses from within Confluence

[Premium and Enterprise only] New admin announcement banner 📣: Make company-wide announcements or share time-sensitive news to users across your organization. Learn more

Confluence announcement banner

[Premium and Enterprise only] Create Jira issues using Confluence Automation ⚙️: Use Confluence Automation to create your Jira issues for you, without even leaving Confluence. Try it out

Creating Jira issues from within Confluence

June 2023

Your Daily Digest got a makeover 💇‍♀️: The Daily Digest email now features a readable summary of changes in Confluence, ability to view page history quickly, and will soon replace individual email notifications. Check it out

Confluence updates

Move pages from inside the editor : Have you ever created a page and then realized you made it in the wrong place? Now you can easily move pages and blogs without publishing or leaving the editor! See in action

Move pages within Confluence

Table of Contents macro has been upgraded 💪: The new Table of Contents macro enables you to toggle between basic and advanced settings to easily customize your table of contents to look exactly how you want it to. Read the update

Table of contents within Confluence

Spelling correction now in Confluence search 🔍: No more worrying about small search typos – Confluence search now provides spelling correction suggestions so you can find what you need faster. Learn more

Link to Confluence pages from Jira boards 🖇️: Attach project plans, meeting notes, or other relevant context to your Jira tasks without leaving board view. Check it out

May 2023

Connect and visualize data from multiple sources 📊: Input data from multiple sources into one table to visualize connected information in a single chart with all new Table Extensibility. Learn more

Find information faster with anchored links in embedded pages ⚓️: No more scrolling through a page! Smart links now let you jump directly to a desired heading. Read more

Reuse content across Confluence even faster 🏎️ :The excerpt include macro now includes a dropdown of available excerpts so you don’t have to remember and manually enter excerpt names. Check it out

April 2023

Introducing 13 new space templates 😍: Kickstart your work fast with space templates. From marketing and design to product management, your team is covered with team-specific page templates and suggested content. See new templates

View Confluence pages in Jira 👀: Never lose track of work with the new ability to link and easily access Confluence pages from Jira. Learn more

Embed Trello boards with smart links 🖇: Move cards, add columns, and fully interact with Trello boards all within your Confluence page. Read more

This month at Team’23, we announced some brand new features 🌟 coming soon to Confluence. Join the waitlists below to be the first to know when they release.

🌟 Whiteboards: Brainstorm ideas, visualize workflows, and turn sticky notes into actionable deliverables like Jira issues and Confluence pages in one click. Join beta waitlist

🌟 Databases: Change and update content as often as your work does. Organize data and information in one database table that syncs across pages in real-time, keeping everyone up-to-date, automatically. Join databases waitlist

🌟 Atlassian Intelligence: Atlassian Intelligence to all Atlassian products, your new AI-powered virtual teammate. Summarize meetings, define new work, craft the perfect response, and get answers 24/7 – all from Confluence. Get early access

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Confluence named Top 5 Software Products by G2 🏆

We’re honored to be one of the Top 5 Best Software Products of 2023 by G2! Help others learn about Confluence too. Write a review


March 2023

Never lose track of a task again ✅: All of your tasks are now viewable in one place on Confluence Home, with new sorting, filtering, and grouping features that make checking off action items easier than ever. Learn more

Confluence templates for every ITSM need 🤝: Confluence templates tailored to ITSM uses are now available to all Jira Service Management users, making the cross-product workflow even smoother. See new templates

Test out an improved search bar 🔍: The latest upgrade to the Confluence search bar includes suggested corrections to common typos, helping you find what you need faster. Join early access program

12 Small but Mighty product improvements 💪: From boosters to the Editor experience to hefty bug fixes, these seemingly small updates can have mighty impact on your team’s daily workflow. See the updates

February 2023

Automation for Confluence is here ⚡️: Replace your manual tasks with automated processes, from scheduling reminders to organizing content. Finally, you can focus on the work that actually matters. Learn more

Creating a Confluence space has never been easier 🤩: The process of creating a space has been revamped with a preview of your space and templates to tailor exactly to you and your team’s needs. Check it out

View Jira tickets faster on Confluence Mobile 📱: Based on your feedback, the Jira Macro on the mobile app now loads tickets to be viewable automatically onto your Confluence screen. See the look

Get early access to a new Confluence feature 🎨 : We’re looking for teams who want to try a new way to visually collaborate! Use our newest tool before everyone else. Join the waitlist

Recent improvements based on customer feedback 💗 : Learn about UI upgrades, smart link preferences, new templates, and other updates based directly on your input and ideas. Read the updates

January 2023

Steal your teammates' favorite templates: Easily emulate other pages by checking which template your teammate used at the top of any Confluence page. Learn more

Importing Microsoft Word docs just got easier: The Microsoft Word import has moved to a new location right next to templates when you create a new Confluence page. Learn more

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Confluence Wrapped 2022

To celebrate 2022, we wrapped up this year’s most popular features with superlatives! Can you guess which won “The GOAT” Award?
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