In a recent survey of Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies, executives ranked collaboration as their #1 priority in the year ahead, surpassing employee retention, innovation, and efficiency. One of the top barriers to collaboration today? Employees don’t know how to collaborate with their teams, resulting in unproductive and ineffective meetings.

Research shows team collaboration enables better problem-solving, increases innovation, and boosts productivity. So how do you organically ingest collaboration into your teams day-to-day, without disrupting their workflows? Well, the answer is closer than you may think.

Introducing Confluence whiteboards

Today, we’re excited to announce the general availability of Confluence whiteboards. Confluence whiteboards are a dynamic and interactive online whiteboard in Confluence that facilitates thought creation, deepens team collaboration, and allows for richer integrations across the Atlassian suite.

Designed with an infinite digital canvas, Confluence whiteboards have the tools and integrations to power creativity, whenever it hits.

Using shapes, stamps, lines, and more, teams can effortlessly capture and organize ideas, bring in context from around the web, and then transform those ideas into actionable plans.

Brainstorm without boundaries

With Confluence whiteboards, your team can freely express and explore ideas without the constraints of traditional formats. It serves as a canvas for creativity, allowing teams to jot down notes and move elements around as ideas develop.

  • Illustrative ideation: unleash your team’s creativity and explore new ideas using tools and templates that facilitate thought creation.
  • Visual planning: use customizable components to visualize team priorities, workflows, and gaps on an infinite canvas.
  • Team collaboration: the best ideas are created with collective input. Invite your team and watch the best ideas unfold.

Turn ideas into action

Good ideas are the foundation for every successful initiative, but it takes action to bring those ideas to life. Transition from brainstorming to execution without ever leaving your whiteboard – with built-in Jira integrations your team can move work from an idea into an actionable task with a few simple clicks.

  • Take action: execute ideas without leaving your whiteboard. Convert stickies and shapes into actionable to-do’s in Jira, Atlassian’s project management tool, to move work forward.
  • Link related tasks: have a deliverable that’s dependent on another team? Define dependencies between two or more tasks on a whiteboard, and it will immediately reflect in Jira.
  • Bulk changes: need to assign a single owner to multiple issues? Do it in one fell swoop from your whiteboard. With smart sections, you can assign owners, change due dates, add labels, and more, in seconds.

Connect work

Avoid inefficiencies due to context switching across disconnected apps. This digital whiteboard lives in your Confluence workspace, which means you can easily connect your whiteboard with other work you’re doing.

  • Embed Atlassian tools: embed Confluence pages, Jira tickets, Loom videos, and other Atlassian tools directly on your whiteboard so you can easily view and edit pertinent work while you’re ideating.
  • Embed 3P tools: connect 3rd party tools to your whiteboard. Embed links from Figma, Google, and more directly onto your whiteboard so you can easily access information from anywhere on a single screen.
  • Add context: add your whiteboard to a Confluence page or embed a whiteboard in Jira, and see changes on your whiteboard in real-time.

Confluence whiteboards are an indispensable tool for taking early ideas and collaboration efforts to the next level – all within the same walls of Confluence.

Ready to see more? Learn more about Confluence plans and try Confluence whiteboards for free today!

Bring ideas to life with Confluence whiteboards