Imagine if we had to think about blinking all of the time. While it’s a crucial bodily function, there’s a reason our body’s nervous system automates it – we have better things to dedicate our time and energy to. While our body handles the blinking, we can focus on the more meaningful parts of our lives.

At work, our teams have similar critical functions that help keep things on track and moving forward, but that no one wants to spend time thinking about. What if you could build your own automated system for your business to keep these important (but let’s face it, boring) processes running with minimal intervention?

Well, that’s what Atlassian Automation does for Jira, and now the Confluence Cloud Premium and Enterprise family.

Get to know Automation for Confluence

Automation for Confluence is powered by the Atlassian platform and operates off of triggers, conditions, and actions built into rules.

At its core, the structure of a Confluence rule is similar to most automation builders: When something happens (trigger) that meets specific parameters (conditions) then do something (action).

That could be as simple as when a blog is published (trigger), by Bob Smith, CEO (condition), then send a Slack message to the executive team channel (action). This is a basic example, but when you tap into all the things happening in and across Confluence, pages being published, tasks added, new spaces created, etc., your rules can get very powerful.

Getting started with Automation is easy

Much like Confluence itself, automation rules can be customized to fit your specific needs, but we’ve got the foundations covered! Our library of preconfigured rules is available to jumpstart your automation journey so you can quickly automate common content management and lifecycle tasks.

Admins can start with a preconfigured rule template or use the low-code/no-code rule builder to create their own custom automation from space settings or global settings.

Create, organize, and manage content lifecycles – automatically

Much like our bodies, our work deserves a living system that allows us to collaborate and achieve our business goals without worrying about those repeatable processes – let’s call them “work blinks.” Automation for Confluence takes care of system maintenance so teams can focus on continuous collaboration and know that your work in Confluence is always findable and relevant.

Automation gives admins the ability to manage content, organize spaces, streamline teamwork, and notify teams of important updates without the manual overhead.

That monthly KPI deep dive? Automate the recurring page creation in the right location, using the appropriate template.

When the status of that important page changes and needs review? Let the team know it needs approval.

Want to make sure your internal wiki is always up-to-date? Set up an automated reminder to review or archive content that’s gone past its shelf life.

And with dynamic variables called smart values, you can build your rules once, and have them scale across different teammates, dates, content, and more!

However you get the most out of Confluence, let automation handle those “work blinks” to boost efficiency and empower your teams to focus on collaboration and more meaningful work.

Automation is available to all Confluence Cloud Premium and Enterprise customers, but anyone can explore automation (plus features like analytics, team calendars, and advanced admin controls) with a free trial of Premium or Enterprise.

Go from to-do lists to to-do bliss with Automation for Confluence