Content strategy template

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Map out your content strategy and organize your editorial calendar

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Content strategy template

Great content connects the dots between business goals and measurable results. Shape your creative vision and form a content plan with our content strategy template. Our guide will help navigate your thinking as you plan new projects and streamline your editorial calendar.

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Step 1: Determine content strategy roadmap

Before you begin planning new content, it’s vital to know what you want your content to achieve and which goals rank the highest priority. Start by describing the high-level goals of your content strategy, such as boosting brand awareness or generating sales leads. Then map out how you plan to execute your creative strategy in the coming weeks. You can share the template with partners and stakeholders to get their input and support.

Step 2: Plan content strategy projects

With your strategy fine-tuned, you’re ready to start making progress. Write out how these next steps will help to solve a problem or improve the business. Think through the time, resources, and creative work required to achieve measurable results and identify what success will look like. Then break down your goals into specific action items. Use the template to note follow-up questions, link Jira tickets, and more.

Step 2: Plan content strategy projects

Step 3: Organize content channels and editorial calendar

As you kick off new projects, make sure your growing content library stays organized to avoid confusion down the road. Start by listing all the content channels you’re managing, such as websites, apps, and social media accounts. Once everything is in its place, use the template to plan new content, assign writers, and schedule publication dates.

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