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Scale productivity across teams of teams

Teams rely on Confluence to create and collaborate on projects around the clock. Confluence for enterprise delivers reliable performance and high availability to organizations of all sizes, across the globe so teams have the tools they need to stay productive.

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Complete visibility and controls for your business

As your business grows, understanding how teams work together becomes more important – and complex. Use organization-wide controls to easily manage granular permissions, enforce consistent security measures, and streamline user login. Analytics and site governance capabilities increase visibility across your business. 

Collaboration without compromise

Equipped with safeguards like disaster recovery, comprehensive data backups and redundancy, and highly-skilled support, Confluence for enterprise always ensures business continuity without compromise. Robust APIs, apps, and integrations help you tailor perfect solutions for every team. 

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Flexible choices to meet your enterprise's needs

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Confluence Cloud

Confluence Cloud comes with features large, cross-functional teams need to efficiently share information and work together, without compromising reliability, data privacy, or compliance. Layer Confluence Cloud Premium with Atlassian Access for advanced admin controls and more visibility into site and space analytics.

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Enterprise-grade Security & Admin Controls

Layer Confluence Cloud with Atlassian Access for enhanced visibility and security controls, including SAML SSO, user provisioning (SCIM), audit logs, enforced 2FA, and more.

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Guaranteed 99.9% uptime SLA

We offer a financially backed 99.9% uptime SLA, so your team can always stay focused on business critical work.

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Unlimited Storage

Give your team infinite space for content and collaboration so you can grow and scale with confidence.

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Advanced admin permissions

Admin key gives site admins temporary access to restricted pages to solve permissions problems fast.

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Site, space, and page analytics

Get insight about projects and users to make better business decisions and content updates. 

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Data encryption

We're committed to ensuring your data security. We use encryption in transit and at rest across Confluence to safeguard your data.

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We certify with SOC2, SOC3, ISO 27001, ISO 27018, PCI DSS, and more so you can confirm that company and customer data are secure.

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We’ve invested in GDPR and Privacy Shield to ensure we're handling your data with the utmost care. We help your organization meet global data privacy obligations.

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Premium Support

Get 24/7 support from a dedicated team with one-hour response times for critical issues. Our enterprise support offerings give you the right level of support for your business.

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Confluence Data Center

Confluence Data Center is a self-managed solution providing organizations with configuration options to meet team collaboration demands. Read-only mode and deployment flexibility with IaaS providers like AWS and Azure allow for uninterrupted access and scale to meet your users' demands.

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Increase security and streamline user login with built-in SAML single sign-on support. Choose from a large list of popular identity providers.

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Deployment flexibility

Deploy on-premise or with IaaS vendors like AWS and Azure to best suit your organization’s existing investments.

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Disaster Recovery

Deploy an offsite disaster recovery strategy and ensure business continuity, even in the event of a complete system outage. Shared application indexes get you back up and running quickly.

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Powerful admin permissions

Reduce administrative overhead with granular permissions controls. Auditing, bulk editing and troubleshooting will help ensure the right people can see the right content.

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Performance at scale

Avoid performance degradation. An external process pool handles memory and CPU intensive actions, and each node in your Data Center cluster increases capacity for concurrent users - providing a consistent user experience under high load. 

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Read-only mode

With read-only mode, allow users to view, search and navigate Confluence while you perform maintenance. Say goodbye to late night and weekend maintenance windows.

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High availability

Active-active clustering also gives your teams uninterrupted access, even during upgrades and search-reindexing.

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Distributed load

Intelligently distribute load across your cluster for the highest quality of services. Dedicate nodes for particular teams, API traffic, or tasks, and drive remaining traffic to others.

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Flexible support offerings

Choose from Select, Priority or Premier Support and keep your systems running smoothly with access to highly-trained support teams and quick response times.

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Confluence has enabled us to create a platform for continued transparency.

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