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Remote team meeting template

por Miro

Collaborate effectively across time zones and keep your team inspired

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Remote team meeting

Remote teams are often spread across different locations and time zones. This can make it challenging to communicate effectively, coordinate projects, and keep your team aligned on priorities and goals. Use the remote team meeting template to organize recurring team syncs and provide your team with the latest project status updates. With this template, you can keep track of progress and communicate decisions, and ensure your team is informed and engaged.

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Step 1: Set your team up to collaborate virtually

Start by explaining what you hope to accomplish with this template and during team meetings. Provide your team guidance on best practices for collaborating remotely and how often they should expect to meet virtually. Assign tasks and organize meeting participants into different groups by using the @ function to tag team members. Make sure to include video conferencing links so that everyone is prepared for the next team sync. You can make your recurring remote meetings more interactive by embedding live Miro boards into the template and using Miro’s online whiteboards to collaborate.

Step 1: Set your team up to collaborate virtually

Step 2: Give status updates to your remote team

Keep your team in the loop by regularly updating the template asynchronously. Share project statuses and encourage your team to use the template to ask open questions and identify potential blockers you might have missed. You can use the template to follow up with team members and address blockers offline before scheduling time for the next meeting.

Step 2: Give status updates to your remote team

Step 3: Plan for remote team meetings

Align your team on schedules and goals. Start by adding your next meeting’s date, facilitator, and participants. Add an agenda and define what you’ll cover by drawing insights from the asynchronous team updates. Make sure to inform meeting participants of any work they need to prepare in advance of your meeting. If you’re meeting in Miro, kick off your remote meeting with an interactive icebreaker.

Step 4: Organize remote team resources

Use the template to include documents, project whiteboards, and other resources your team regularly works with. By including frequently referenced links in one place, your team will have everything they need to collaborate effectively, which saves time during meetings and lets you focus your attention on team discussions.

Alignment shouldn’t end when your meeting does. Learn how to level up your workflows and turn great ideas into action following remote team meetings with these powerful Miro + Atlassian integrations.

Miro is the online collaborative whiteboard platform built for modern work, enabling collocated, distributed, and remote teams to communicate and collaborate across formats, tools, channels, and time zones.

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