Since 2007, Crowd has been helping Atlassian’s self-hosted customers meet their identity management needs. As customers began to adopt more Atlassian products, they needed a way to easily manage their users and control authentication permissions from their multiple directories in one single location. With Crowd, you can map any combination of directories to one single application – perfect for managing users or adjusting group memberships without having to do so in your main directory.

Managing users in many applications can be complicated at best. You need to integrate and centralize all the directories of your subsidiaries. You also need to grant different groups of users access to different applications. Crowd allows you to easily centralize user management for all of your Atlassian products and avoid mistakes without losing the confidentiality of your data. On top of simplifying the lives of administrators, Crowd makes life easy for your team. With single sign-on, teams can log into one application they need access to and then be able to switch applications without having to provide a username and password again.

Introducing Crowd Data Center

Crowd has become central to many organizations. It serves as a single source of truth for users and groups and handles a wide stream of authentication requests. If Crowd experiences downtime, teams are unable to access the tools they need each day to get work done. Today, we are excited to announce our newest addition to the Data Center family – Crowd Data Center, which provides self-hosted enterprise identity management, built for high availability!


Built for reliability

Crowd Data Center brings reliability to a new level. It was built to ensure that unexpected downtime will no longer impact the productivity and performance of your teams. With even more confidence in uptime, you can now define multiple failover directories to reduce the impact caused by users not being able to log in to applications connected to Crowd when an external directory failure occurs. With Crowd Data Center, you can simply add or remove a node to lighten the load caused by increased authentication requests and use cluster monitoring to keep an eye on the state of your cluster.

Integrates with your existing identity infrastructure (now including Microsoft Azure AD!)

Beyond high availability, Crowd Data Center brings native support for Microsoft Azure Active Directory. As Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) solutions are becoming more and more common, many of our self-hosted customers are beginning to use these deployment options and are looking for additional support. With this new integration you can now use Azure Active Directory with all the benefits of incremental synchronization, which saves time and resources.

Look for exciting announcements in the future from the Crowd Data Center team as we continue to provide critical identity management functionality to our customers who rely on Crowd.

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