How much time do you think you spend fielding requests to add and remove users from groups? Feeling like a bottleneck when it comes to these requests? Why not empower group owners who manage their own teams and delegate some of these tasks to them? On top of saving you time, your teams will no longer have to wait for you to make these group membership changes. For example, if your global administrator is located in one timezone, but your teams are located in several other timezones, they sometimes have to wait a whole day (or more) just to get a team member added or removed from a group.

Now with Crowd Data Center 3.3, you can assign group level administrators to add or remove users to their groups, leaving you freed up to focus on some of the more important tasks you’ve put on the back burner or those you haven’t been giving your full attention. In just a few clicks, you can assign an individual or even an existing group as group level administrators and they will be able to add or remove group members just as quickly, as indicated below.

Don’t worry, you can still maintain the control and oversight you need over these newly minted group level admins’ actions. These new group level admins’ access is restricted to only adding or removing members from the groups they have been granted admin access to. They aren’t given any more control or visibility than what you provide. Additionally, with Crowd’s improved audit log, you can monitor what changes were made, who made them, and when they were made. You won’t have to endlessly query the database or search tirelessly to quickly discover the details behind a change that was made.

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