Enterprise admins understand the importance of running a tight ship when it comes to user management. When it’s done right, it can save you and the teams you support a ton of time as well as help you minimize unnecessary license usage to cut down on costs. Crowd for Data Center offers a number of features to help enterprises level up their enterprise user management.

One of the primary benefits Crowd offers enterprises is its integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). As you may know, Azure AD is a cloud-based identity and access management service that helps users sign in to and access internal and external resources. To help organizations leverage this popular identity management platform, Crowd allows you to synchronize Azure AD to manage and grant access to your Atlassian applications.

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As we’ve seen more and more teams integrating their Azure ADs with Crowd, we’ve implemented a number of time-saving features in Crowd Data Center that will allow you to make the most of that integration. What’s more, these features – like the ability to manage groups locally and use selective synchronization – will help you optimize your license usage and increase Crowd performance.

Save time by managing groups locally

For Crowd admins, the inability to delegate group management – or, worse, having to reach out to external IT teams to manage groups – can be a huge inconvenience and a drain on precious time.

Managing groups locally allows for the same flexibility as connector directories (like Microsoft AD). Crowd admins have the ability to fully manage groups within Azure AD Crowd directories, thereby providing more control and eliminating the need for admins to reach out to external IT teams to manage groups.

This feature also allows Crowd admins to delegate group management to other users. For example, you can give managers the ability to control permissions for their own teams. This kind of self-management is hugely convenient for both Crowd admins and the employees they support, as it saves time on both ends and prevents bottlenecks in granting access to your Atlassian tools.

Clean up license usage with selective synchronization

Synchronizing your entire Azure AD with Crowd is unnecessary for many admins. It takes a long time and may cost you more in license usage or decrease your Crowd performance if you introduce a large number of users who don’t actually need access.

Selective synchronization helps you cut down on unnecessary license consumption and ensure that only the teams and people who need it have access to your Atlassian applications. Filtering by group membership and selectively granting access also helps you speed up the synchronization process and save time.

group filtering in Crowd

Cleaning up your license usage with Azure AD user filtering also helps increase performance and gain an accurate view of license consumption that’s representative of your user tier. By freeing up time that would otherwise be spent synchronizing the entire Azure AD, and giving you peace of mind that performance (and cost) aren’t bogged down by unwanted users, Azure user filtering delivers big value for a little lift.

Learn more about Crowd for enterprise user management

We know seamless user management is critical for any successful enterprise. In addition to the Azure AD integration, Crowd offers a number of features to increase your enterprise efficiency. Whether it’s providing an integrated user experience, winning valuable time back for admins by streamlining individual product processes, or giving you a centralized view of instance usage to identify opportunities to reduce costs, Crowd provides a user management solution built for enterprises.

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