If you’re a system admin, you understand the importance of running a tight ship when it comes to license consumption. Having unwanted users in Crowd or connected Atlassian applications can impact anything from performance to cost, but it’s hard to avoid when you’re tasked with synchronizing an entire Active Directory. Not to mention synchronizing all those unnecessary users takes time – something every admin needs more of.

Who’s NOT using your Atlassian products?

To help reduce the friction of synchronizing Active Directories, Crowd 3.6 for Data Center gives you the ability to filter users by group membership for Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). Not only does this prevent unnecessary license usage in connected Atlassian applications, but it spares you the time and effort of having to synchronize the whole AD.

Similar to centralized license visibility, introduced in Crowd 3.5, Azure user filtering is an additional layer that helps you clean up and optimize your Atlassian instances, making your job a little easier in the process.

Selective synchronization

To grasp why user filtering for Azure AD is so helpful, it’s important to understand what the Azure AD is, and how it currently works with Crowd and connected Atlassian applications. Azure AD is a cloud-based identity and access management service that helps users sign in to and access both internal resources, like apps on your company network and intranet, and external resources, like Microsoft Office 365 and thousands of other SaaS applications. Azure AD is one of the most popular platforms for identity management, as it maintains more than 1.2 billion identities and processes over 8 billion authentications every day.

To put it plainly, Azure AD is where your users’ credentials are stored. It contains pre-set authentication and authorization information about users, groups, and roles, and you can maneuver different directories to create sets of users. For example, you can store your customers in one directory and employees in another.

Understanding that, it’s easy to see the benefits of being able to synchronize Azure AD with Crowd for your Atlassian applications, but until now, there wasn’t an option for selective synchronization. This meant everyone within the Active Directory would gain user access to Atlassian applications, even if only a handful of teams actually needed those applications.

With this newest feature, you have the ability to filter by group membership and synchronize those individual groups, so you can easily identify the appropriate user base and let Crowd do the rest. It also makes the process of synchronization go faster, freeing up your time to focus on what’s next.

Cleaning up your license usage with Azure AD user filtering is a great way to increase performance and gain an accurate view of license consumption that’s representative of your user tier. By freeing up time that would otherwise be spent synchronizing the entire Azure AD, and giving you the peace of mind that performance (and cost) isn’t bogged down by unwanted users, Azure user filtering delivers big value for a little lift.

Start cleaning up your license usage today

If you’re interested in learning more about Crowd 3.6 or upgrading your existing Crowd version, check out the release notes here. Otherwise, start a free trial below to see if Crowd is the right fit for your team.

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