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Lean Portfolio Management for Startups

The Lean startup movement is underway in many of the world's best organizations. As one of the five core competencies of a Lean Enterprise, Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) can enable your enterprise to apply lean and systems thinking and most effectively align your portfolio with your business objectives.

The basics of the lean startup movement are simple and focus on the following six principles:

1. Entrepreneurs are everywhere

You don't have to work in a garage to be in a startup.

2. Entrepreneurship is management

A startup is an institution, not just a product, so it requires management, a new kind of management specifically geared to its context.

3. Validated learning

Startups exist not to make stuff, make money, or serve customers. They exist to learn how to build a sustainable business. This learning can be validated scientifically, by running experiments that allow us to test each element of our vision.

4. Innovation accounting

To improve entrepreneurial outcomes, and to hold entrepreneurs accountable, we need to focus on the boring stuff: how to measure progress, how to setup milestones, how to prioritize work. This requires a new kind of accounting, specific to startups.

5. Build. Measure. Learn.

The fundamental activity of a startup is to turn ideas into products, measure how customers respond, and then learn whether to pivot or persevere. All successful startup processes should be geared to accelerate that feedback loop.

These principles are directly from Eric Ries's book The Lean Startup.  You can learn more about these principals here.  Jira Align was built around the principles of Lean startup, Lean enterprise and Lean portfolio to enable rapid ideation and innovation with continuous short feedback loops. The following books are a great start for folks in interested in driving a Lean enterprise:

5 Lean books: The startup way, lean enterprise, the lean startup, lean ux, and the age of agile

How Jira Align supports lean portfolio management

Dollar sign

Value engineering

Place better bets by measuring the real-time cost versus value across work, programs and products.

Mind modal

Vision creation

Define the core direction and vision of your product or organization in a simple, graphical format.

Multiple pages

Business canvas

Lay out the key elements of your business strategy and define what will make your product successful.

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Visualize the work flowing through the system while limiting work in progress so the system matches its capacity.

Speedometer icon

Performance management

Build and monitor team performance in the Team Room, as well as with team awards, Kanban boards, and drillable sprint metrics.

Check icon

Success criteria

Enforce quality standards with clearly defined success criteria for epics, features, and stories across teams, programs, and portfolios.

Workflow icon

Value streams

Visualize the work flowing through the system by value stream to identify and remove bottlenecks for maximum throughput.

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Create a survey to gather sprint feedback and generate a retrospective report that can be shared with the team.

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Lean backlogs

Work in Product Room backlog, then prioritize and assign stories across teams, sprints, and planning cycles. Visualize burndown and story allocation to track progress.

Agile arrow icon

Lean UX/UI

Create Lean use cases and assemble them into experience maps to facilitate the design process and capture innovation into the backlog.

Award with a thumbs up icon

One source of truth

Create a single rolled-up view of everything in a release, including milestones, goals, risks, impediments, dependencies, epics, features, themes, programs, and charters.

“In this world, there's so much work that's spread out across many different environments, and [Jira Align] allows you to pull it all together to tell a story with the data.”

VP of Product Agile Services and Delivery

Fortune 500 Corporation

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