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Disciplined Agile (DA) is a people-first, learning-oriented, process decision toolkit to deliver IT solutions. DA is considered more flexible and easier to scale than other methods. First developed as a toolkit at IBM, DA is designed to cover the full end-to-end lifecycle from project initiation to delivery. 

The Disciplined Agile toolkit is broken down into four layers: Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD), Disciplined DevOps, Disciplined Agile IT (DAIT), and Disciplined Agile Enterprise (DAE).

With DAD at the foundation, and a focus on software teams, the toolkit offers a goal-based strategy consisting of three phases: Inception, Construction, and Transition. DA recommends companies scale Agile based on key factors that deliver the greatest customer value. Unlike other scaling methodologies, DA focuses on a full delivery lifecycle based on consumable solutions, including working software and documentation.

How Jira Align supports DA

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Enterprise processes

Jira Align supports key processes, such as business ops, finance, legal/compliance, and others in a single, intuitive platform. Disciplined DevOps streamlines IT solutions and IT operations activities.

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Release management

Manage all aspects of planning, coordinating, and deploying solutions into production with a DevOps mindset while determining product readiness and supporting your delivery teams.

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Be the architect of your organization hierarchy, delivery teams, and the structure of how data will be organized and flow through the Jira Align system.

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Continuous improvement

Easily share improvements, ideas, and learnings in the Idea Zone, Jira Align’s system-wide blogs and newsletters, and design repositories.

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Portfolio management

Use the Portfolio Room to track decision making from financial, resource, and execution perspectives.

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People management

Manage you company's workforce and define their reporting structure while attracting and retaining new talent for your awesome teams.

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Product management

Align features to specific products and visualize how they line up against each other using the Roadmaps module.

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Populate dashboards in real time to provide important information that teams can use to manage themselves, and executives can use to monitor what is happening within your organization.

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Improve ROI and predictability with Jira Align’s reusable work items, artifacts, templates, components, and patterns.

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Jira Align is built for Agile teams. Your teams will identify, prioritize, and estimate their day-to-day work in the backlog module.

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Follow Lean principles to create a continuous flow of development at your own cadence while minimizing work in process and reducing bottlenecks.

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Lean use cases to envision, build, observe, measure, and productize small projects to minimize upfront investments and deliver value based on actual usage.

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Program management

Manage the sub-teams in your Agile program with a Team of Teams/Scrum of Scrums meeting to ensure they work together effectively towards producing a consumable solution.

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Continuous Agile delivery

Has your organization adopted an iteration length of one week or less? Not a problem – Jira Align was built to help you deliver solutions to stakeholders on your defined frequent, incremental basis.

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Continuous Delivery Lean

Jira Align supports the Continuous Delivery Lean lifecycle goal of delivering solution increments more frequently than the other lifecycles by allowing you to set your own cadence as defect reports and new features arrive often.

"Whether a developer working on individual work or an executive funding a $40 million dollar initiative, [Jira Align] gives you that ability to have that traceability, transparency, visibility."

Monte Montoya


Explore benefits for all types of roles

Portfolio management

Communicate the value of funding strategic initiatives to investors, analysts, and employees.

Product management

Manage idea intake, prioritize your feature backlog, and track progress with live roadmaps.

Program management

Track and resolve program risks, impediments, and dependencies while keeping everyone informed.

Release train

Ensure programs run smoothly and resources are perfectly allocated to nail on-time delivery.


Ensure Initiatives maximize value, right-size scope and stay within budget from end to end.


Drive enterprise value of your high-level mission and vision while connecting strategy to execution.

Transformation teams

Drive digital transformation with a framework customized to scale agile in your enterprise.

Delivery teams

Execute against sprint work that tracks back to your organization's high-level strategy.

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