Compare Advanced Roadmaps and Jira Align

Compare Advanced Roadmaps for Jira and Jira Align

Discover the differences in how each solves your scaling challenges

Discover the differences in how each solves your scaling challenges.

Tackle agility’s top challenges

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Visualize work

Gain visibility across each of your teams, projects, and products in a single place and see how they all connect.

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Plan work

Plan work across multiple levels of your business to understand what needs to be done, and how much can be done, before making commitments.

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Track progress

See how work is progressing at various levels of your business, predict when work will be done, and easily spot if work is falling off track.

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Manage dependencies

See how work relates at different levels of your organization, particularly when one item depends on the completion of another, and head off conflicts.



Share the status of work with stakeholders both horizontally and vertically in your organization.

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Program & portfolio support

Visualize, plan, manage, and track work at the appropriate levels of your business.

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Get a side-by-side comparison of Advanced Roadmaps and Jira Align

Download this PDF to see how each solution addresses agility’s top challenges.

Unleash agility

Get a side-by-side comparison of two Atlassian solutions for scaling agile

Advanced Roadmaps vs Jira Align


Advanced Roadmaps

Jira Align


Advanced Roadmaps

Create realistic roadmaps, conduct long-term agile planning, and keep stakeholders up to date on the work taking place in Jira Software.

Jira Align

Go all-in on agile at scale by connecting business and technology teams to align strategy with outcomes at enterprise scale.

Team size

Advanced Roadmaps

Advanced Roadmaps works best for collections of up to 20 agile teams working together (about 50-150 people at a time).

Jira Align

Functionally, Jira Align is capable of supporting hundreds to thousands of users at multiple levels within an organization.


Advanced Roadmaps

Included in Jira Cloud Premium. Atlassian Marketplace app for Jira Software Server and Data Center.

Jira Align

Cloud product supporting Jira Software Server, Data Center, and Cloud.

Number of concurrent Jira instances supported

Advanced Roadmaps


Jira Align


Methodologies supported

Advanced Roadmaps

Scrum, Kanban, custom

Jira Align

Scrum, Kanban, Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®), Lean Startup, Spotify, LeSS, Value Engineering, Scrum@Scale, hybrid or custom frameworks


Advanced Roadmaps

Try it free

Jira Align

Get in touch

*The information provided on this comparison page and downloadable resource reference only the functionality available in Advanced Roadmaps for Jira Server and Data Center version 3.14 and later.

Frequently asked questions

Jira Align is a cloud product, can I use it with Jira Software Server or Data Center? Copy link to heading Copied! Show +

Although Jira Align is a cloud offering, it can connect to Jira Software Cloud, Server, and Data Center. For questions about self-hosting Jira Align, please contact our team.

Can my business use both Advanced Roadmaps and Jira Align at the same time? Copy link to heading Copied! Show +

Yes, because Advanced Roadmaps and Jira Align serve different use cases, some businesses may find a need for using both.

Do Advanced Roadmaps and Jira Align work together? Are they integrated? Copy link to heading Copied! Show +

Today, Advanced Roadmaps and Jira Align are not integrated, but we are always working to make sure you can easily unlock new capabilities as your agile at scale challenges evolve and change.

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