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Host your code online in as many public and private repositories as you want. Free five-user tier accounts!

Manage your projects with confidence with built-in issue trackers, wikis, code comments, and pull requests.

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Why Bitbucket?

Unlimited private repositories

Give your code a home on the web. Share what you're working on with your colleagues, collaborators, or potential employers. All five-user accounts are free!

Work as a team

A centralized team account makes managing your repositories easy for you and your fellow developers. Simplify user management even further with groups.

JIRA integration

Link every commit to a JIRA bug or development task. Integrate Bitbucket with JIRA and equip your team with a powerful issue tracker.

Fork, code, pull

Eliminate merging hell. Fork code, make changes, and submit pull requests to review and approve these changes before they are merged. Gain context of changes by holding discussions right in the source code with in-line comments.

Browse your source

Browse and search your repository from the web. Filter source by branches or tags, and dive deeper into your code by navigating through your commit history. Every commit, directory, file, and line gets a unique URL.

Key integrations

Use the tools you love. Bitbucket has tight integrations with popular tools like JIRA, Crucible, Bamboo, Jenkins, and more! Building on top of Bitbucket is easy with our REST API.

Can't imagine my life without @bitbucket ... big thanks to their dev team for a nice and useful implementation :)
Konstantin Kostov Johns Hopkins University

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