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Project management templates

Use this collection of templates to create and execute a project.

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From software development to big marketing campaigns, project management comes in countless shapes and sizes. But across the board, two things are guaranteed: you need to stay in touch with your team to make sure everyone is moving in the same direction, and no matter how many times you remind them, someone will forget the weekly sync.

Use this collection of project management templates to share ideas, outline an action plan, decide and execute on key milestones, and review how your project turned out and where you can improve.

Project management templates

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Brainstorming template



다음에 멋진 아이디어를 낼 수 있도록 원격 브레인스토밍 세션을 계획하고, 실행하고, 문서화하세요.

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Step 1: Prep for planning

Envision your plan before kicking off a comprehensive brainstorm.

Take time to think through the problem you’re trying to solve. In your brainstorm, generate ideas to solve a wide range of situations, make sure to include time to discuss and vote on proposed solutions, visualize, and align on which ideas you should explore first. Involve your team, and don’t be afraid to shoot for the moon. It's easier to roll back a bold idea than to turn a safe idea into a showstopper.

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Project plan template


프로젝트 계획

다음 프로젝트를 위한 마일스톤을 정의하고, 범위를 지정하며, 계획하세요.

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Step 2: Plan and prioritize

Prioritize what to include in your project with early feedback.

Based on feedback from early testing, and keeping your success metrics in mind, prioritize what to include in the project. Next, map out dependencies and build a roadmap, and then establish a cadence for team meetings and updates to stakeholders. Share it around, and update the project's plan and dashboard regularly ensuring everyone stays on the same page.

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DACI: Decision documentation


의사 결정

이 템플릿을 사용하여 팀이 합리적인 그룹 결정을 내리도록 효과적으로 안내하세요.

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Step 3: Execute & stay on track

Move into the execution phase of your project, where decisions are made.

Your planning is complete, and you’re ready for the rubber to meet the road. Now, the project and team need to stay on track to deliver consistently. Agree on who makes the call and who weighs in on decisions about the scope or the project as a whole.

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Business status update template

Steven Bao

R&D 프로그램 관리자

비즈니스 상태 업데이트

경영진 및 폭넓은 팀에게 비즈니스 및 제품 성과에 대한 정기적인 업데이트를 제공하세요.

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Step 4: Deliver Your Business Strategy Update

Ship it! You’ve planned and tracked, and now time to report on progress and outcomes.

Start adding exclamation points to your updates because your team’s work is ready for the public eye! (But not too many!!!) After the requisite celebratory dance, you can close out recurring meetings and change all those statuses to DONE.

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Retrospective template



어떤 부분이 잘 진행되었으며, 부족한 점은 무엇이었나요? 팀과 함께 개선 방안을 크라우드소싱하세요.

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Step 5: Improve Your Project Plan

What did your team learn? Share challenges and best practices for future projects.

What went well? What could have gone better? What did we learn? Do some group soul-searching and have an honest discussion with your project team. Capture those valuable lessons and share them with your peers so they can benefit. And, even if it’s absolutely perfect (because that happens all the time), don't forget to chat about how you might improve on what you just delivered.

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