Strategic planning templates

Use this collection of templates to ensure every project has a clear, measurable outcome.

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Strategic planning is a company-wide process to define the direction of the business. Teams will need to set priorities and decide how resources will be allocated to support the overall vision. Use this collection of strategic planning templates to build out a cohesive strategy that supports the company’s overarching goals. A free copy of “Synergy, Disrupt, and Other Business Keywords” with every order!
Use this collection of project management templates to share ideas, outline an action plan, decide and execute on key milestones, and review how your project turned out and where you can improve.

Strategic planning templates

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Vision to values template

Joff Redfern

Director de todos los equipos

Enfoque de los valores

Define tu enfoque empresarial para que puedas diseñar estrategias empresariales prácticas.

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Step 1: Create a vision

Define your company objectives and define your vision and values.

This is the time to look at the big picture and answer these essential questions: what is your company’s ultimate objective, and what drives your team’s work? With the Vision to values template, from the desk of Joff Redfern, Head of All Teams at Atlassian, collaborate with leaders to define your company’s vision and understand how each project helps your team achieve its goals. This is the north star by which you’ll navigate.

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SWOT analysis template


Análisis DAFO

Utiliza esta plantilla para evaluar el rendimiento de tu empresa y cómo mejorarlo.

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Step 2: Analyze market gaps

Complete a competitive analysis to see how your business stacks up.

The big picture you just put together should include a strategy around how your team will grow the business. Take the time to analyze internal and external factors that could help or hurt your growth. Use a SWOT template to size up your company’s strengths and weaknesses so when market opportunities and threats crop up, you’re ready to play hardball.

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OKRs template


Objetivos y resultados clave

Utiliza esta plantilla de establecimiento de objetivos para definir hitos cuantificables y ambiciosos.

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Step 3: Determine objectives

Outline your team’s objectives and key results to ensure all projects are contributing to company goals.

Whether you’re setting goals for your company, your department, or a small team, make sure you know the ins and outs of goal setting, and how OKRs specifically can help. This OKRs template will guide you through a popular and proven method of goal setting and documentation. You’ll outline 1-3 big objectives, identify the measurable results you want to see, identify owners and collaborators for each one, and track your progress.

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Business strategy template

Pratima Arora

Directora de Confluence

Plan estratégico

Captura y presenta tu estrategia empresarial al equipo directivo y al consejo de administración.

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Step 4: Build and execute your strategic plan

Create a strategic plan so you can wow key stakeholders.

Use the Strategic plan template to focus your thoughts before you present your vision and plan to executive leadership and your team. Once everyone understands your strategy, use this template to organize how you’ll get it done. Think of it as an architect’s blueprint for a building, or a montage of The Plan in an action movie.

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Retrospective template



¿Qué ha salido bien? ¿Qué podríamos haber salido mejor? Colabora de forma abierta en mejoras con tu equipo.

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Step 5: Review and optimize

Take time to review challenges and best practices in a retrospective.

You’ve prepared, planned, and nailed the execution. (The Plan worked!) Now, your team needs to reflect on what went well and where you can improve during the next cycle. Use the retrospective template to surface constructive criticism for a large, cross-team effort or even for a year in review. No matter the project, this template can help guide the conversation and provide a visible way for your team to take action and improve. 

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