ITSM change management template

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Manage and track change requests and implementation plans

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ITSM change management template

Management guidelines and procedures help IT teams properly evaluate risk before making operational changes. Use the ITSM change management template to describe and track change management plans. Update the template throughout the change management process to keep IT teams and stakeholders in sync.

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Step 1: Organize change request information

Start by providing a high-level summary of the change. This should explain to team members why the change was implemented and how it impacts the system. Once you’ve described the request, customize the template by adding tickets related to the request and @ mentioning reviewers and stakeholders.

Step 1: Organize change request information

Step 2: Describe change management plans

Now that you’ve added background information, explain your change management approach in detail. Start by listing all the change plans and type // to add the scheduled implementation date for each plan. Then describe the individual steps your team needs to take to implement each change plan. Make sure to include details about how each plan could affect the system’s performance or user services.

Step 3: Conduct a post-implementation review

Once you’ve followed through with your change plans, use the template to evaluate how successfully the change request was implemented. Begin by adding background information like the post-implementation review’s date and participants. Then describe the criteria participants need to evaluate during the review. As you review the change request, use the template to record lessons learned and keep track of follow-up items.

Step 3: Conduct a post-implementation review

Jira Service Management empowers teams with everything they need to get started fast. Check out capabilities for ITSM practices like request, incident, problem, change, and configuration management.

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