Bring your own branding to your status page

Custom Logo and URL

All plans come with the ability to use a custom domain like and also the ability to upload a logo or banner image. With a few clicks, you'll have your own branded status page.

Customized Statuspage screenshot
Custom CSS in Statuspage screenshot

Maintain your brand's design

Your status page should feel like an extension of your brand. Depending on your plan, using custom HTML and CSS gives you 100% control of every pixel. Your design and marketing departments will love being able to fine-tune fonts, colors, and all the details that make your brand special.

Designed for every device

With more and more browsing being done on smartphones and tablets, it's now a requirement that pages look as good on small devices as on big ones. Whether your status page is being viewed on an iPhone, iPad laptop or full-size monitor, you can be confident your status page will look professional and function just the same.

Tablet, Laptop, and Iphone

Create your status page today