Core Features

Everything you need in a status page right out of the box

Better communication with Incidents

Incidents are prominently displayed at the top of your page for your visitors to see right when they arrive, and they have easy access to subscribe to further updates via email or SMS.

Status for each part of your service with Components

Modern systems are made up of many different functional pieces, and listing each service separately helps you more accurately communicate the status of your application or infrastructure.

Inform users about future Scheduled Maintenance

Do your users a favor and let them know of scheduled maintenance well in advance of it actually happening. Scheduled maintenance is displayed right on your page and we even send email/SMS reminders ahead of time to those who opt-in.

But wait, there's a whole lot more

Incident Templates

Don't labor over the exact message when you just need to get the first update out the door. Prepare ahead of time instead with Incident Templates

Third Party Components

Display the status of the mission critical tools that your service relies on with the largest and fastest growing network of Third Party Components.

ChatOps Integrations

Pipe status updates into Slack with ChatOps integrations to keep Engineering, IT, and Ops teams on the same page during incidents.


Have custom monitoring in place? Use our REST API to update components and incidents based off your own triggers. 

Automation Integrations

Automatically update your status page via integrations with OpsgeniePagerDuty, VictorOps, and xMatters.

Status Embed

With our Status Embed widget, you can embed system status into your own app, website, help desk, or anywhere else your users visit for support. 

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