The best teams run on Jira

Teams come in all shapes and sizes. Each with a unique style of work, and each with a shared purpose. But what facilitates great teamwork among the world's best teams, and unites millions worldwide, is Jira. 

Here's how teams at a few of the world's most recognizable brands are teaming up in Jira to build great software that users love.


To pursue its global mission, Kiva practices open and honest teamwork.

Collaboration, transparency, and communication are just a few of the values guiding Kiva's team as they strive to connect online lenders to entrepreneurs across the globe. Learn how Jira enables this nonprofit to do just that.


Transforming work for Dropbox customers and employees starts with team.

500 million users across 300,000 teams, and Dropbox is just getting started. Shared goals, collaboration, and personal connection guide the team that fuels the company's incredible growth.


Pandora, where project management is equal parts art and science.

When it comes to the teams that work at Pandora, music and human connection are their north star. And Jira is the tool that unites the two as teams build the company's latest innovations.


Efficiency and transparency: the keys to Walmart Labs' innovation.

Developing technology to constantly innovate Walmart's in-store and online shopping experience is no small task, and Walmart Lab's team of technologists rely on Jira to keep them focused on the projects at hand.

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Twilio, where Jira is a contributing member of every team.

Learn how Twilio's small but mighty team of two Jira administrators work together to enable every employee across the organization to do their job more efficiently, while always maintaining an open and transparent workplace.


Optimizely uses Jira to facilitate great work at a global scale.

At Optimizely, the leading Experimentation Platform, teamwork is all about people coming together for a common goal. Read on to learn how Jira enables Optimizely's teams to collaborate more seamlessly.

Icon's agile style of work translates to massive growth. is a non-profit whose mission is to make it easy for anyone to help a classroom in need. Although it's a non-profit, their CTO likens the organization's agile style of work with Jira to that of a tech company. 

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