Becoming more agile (for IT and project teams)

Meeting the demands of the business and being agile can pull IT teams in opposite directions. It's possible to be nimble and responsive within IT... it just takes practice.

Whether you want to transform an existing team, or you’re kicking off a new project, try one or all of our plays designed by agile IT teams for agile IT teams.

Top 8 plays for agile IT teams

These plays include classic agile ceremonies, plus a few new tricks to keep up your sleeve.

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IT Project Poster

Iterate on the strategy and scope of your IT project.

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IT Project Kick-off

Build consensus on objectives, timing, scope, and decision-making.

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Capacity Planning

Create a capacity plan for your team, with your team.

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Prioritize, as a Team

Agree on priorities and define where it's okay to delay or drop tasks.

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Dependency Mapping

Understand and prevent bottlenecks before they happen.

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Invest 10 minutes each day in free-flowing team communication.

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Provide a safe space to discuss what worked and what didn't. 

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Customer Interview

Understand your customer's needs an environment.

also recommeded

Service Team Health Monitor

Use the Health Monitor to self-assess against eight attributes common amongst high-performing teams, then track your progress over time.

Gather your IT team for an honest discussion about how you're working together.


guided health monitor

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