In recent years, we’ve witnessed the growth of one of the most significant tools for team collaboration ever developed: the cloud. More than 90% of businesses use cloud software in one form or another, and for good reason.

We believe cloud products enable teams to collaborate and innovate more effectively, scale quickly, and focus more time and energy on their core mission. At this past Atlassian Summit in Las Vegas, we announced a number of exciting new features and tools to help our customers get the most out of their cloud deployments, now and in the future.

We’ve already seen millions of users around the world using our products on a daily basis to advance their work, from companies like DonorsChoose, who can focus their efforts on their mission of helping children in classrooms around the world, to Samsung SmartThings, who are free to concentrate on innovation and changing our homes forever.

And so, our mission is clear: deliver the best Atlassian cloud experience possible for all teams across organizations throughout the world. We’re excited to share how we’re delivering on that promise.

Security is in our DNA

Getting serious about cloud migration

The cornerstone of our cloud applications and services is security – our mission to unleash the potential of every team depends on it. So we’re always looking for new ways to ensure our customers and their data are secure.

At Summit, we announced that we’re rolling out encryption at rest for all our cloud customers, so your data is protected at all times.

We’re also committed to providing you with the information you need to understand and evaluate our security practices and policies for yourself. The newly revamped Atlassian Trust Center has more information on our major security, privacy, compliance, and reliability initiatives, so you can remain informed and confident that your organization’s security is ensured. We’ve also shared a Cloud Platform and Services Roadmap to help your organization plan and grow with Atlassian.

Last year, we launched Atlassian Access for customers that need greater organizational visibility and control for their Atlassian cloud products, and we’re excited to share that Atlassian Access has been widely adopted by thousands of our cloud customers. And with the tremendous feedback and additional insights we’ve received, we continue to add capabilities such as audit logs and user management to Access, working closely with leading identity providers like Okta, Azure, and Google, along with application security providers like McAfee, Netskope, and Symantec.

Cloud scale and reliability

Unleashing the power of every team calls for products that are easy to use, easy to customize, and easy to scale. This starts with ensuring our cloud products are reliable and can scale to meet your team’s growth and ever-changing needs.

With that in mind, you told us you needed more scale – and we listened. Last year, we announced that our cloud platform scales to 5,000 users, and we’re now taking one more giant step forward by offering up to 10,000 users for a limited number of customers in our early access program. But this is just the beginning; we continue to progress towards our ultimate goal of offering unlimited scale.

We’ve also improved the performance of our cloud products by doubling the number of AWS regions we support around the world. We started with the US (East and West Coast) and Dublin, then quickly expanded to include Sydney and Singapore. Most recently, we launched an AWS region in Frankfurt to improve performance for our European customers. Not only does this reduce latency and improve performance for our customers in these regions, but it also will soon enable us to offer a choice of data locality for our customers.

Cloud migration

We realize that, for many of our existing Server and Data Center customers, moving to the cloud is a journey – and we’re with you every step of the way.

As you reach for the cloud, each of you is in a different stage of that journey. So we’ve created dedicated internal teams and tools to help you migrate. We recently launched the Atlassian Migration Center, along with a migration assistant for Confluence Cloud, to help you automate moving spaces, users, and groups from server to cloud. A migration assistant for Jira Software Cloud is coming soon.

Whether you are fully ingrained in cloud and taking advantage of all it has to offer or you are just beginning to think about what the Atlassian cloud could do for your team, we want to hear from you about your needs and requirements. Join our Cloud Migration Group or Trust & Security Group on Community to get more information and give us feedback.

Delivering the best cloud experience for all teams