OOO team notification

by Atlassian

Provide a place for your team members to report their out-of-office (OOO) information.

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OOO team notification

With email usage on the wane in corporate environments, having another way to notify teammates that you’ll be out of the office (OOO) is useful. You can use this template on your Personal space or put it on your team page. Coworkers can simply go to this page to see who is taking a break, whether it is for vacation or a mental health day.

How to use the OOO team notification template

Step 1. Add a panel for each team member

Make sure everyone has their own panel by using the @ mention function. Ask all team members to watch this page (clicking on the eye icon on the right top nav) and to add a photo of themselves if they choose. They can also add emojis to visually represent their day off.

Step 2. Ensure the important details are provided

Once a person is adding their OOO, they should provide the range of dates they will be out as well as the date they will be back at work and available.

Step 2. Ensure the important details are provided

Step 3. Ask teammates to offer other contacts

While out, there should be 1-2 contacts for team members to be able to contact in their absence. This helps give continuity on any projects or work efforts that are occurring while they are out.

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