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Getting started with Access

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I consider Access? show +

Think of Access as your “umbrella policy” for enterprise-grade security and user management in the cloud. With Access, admins can easily deploy and manage authentication, security, and user management policies across all of the Atlassian cloud products being used within their organization. So, consider Access if your business has internal or external security policy requirements for cloud applications, keeps sensitive company data in their Atlassian cloud products, and/or needs a more scalable solution for managing and provisioning users.

What is the difference between Access and Crowd? show +

Access works to secure your Atlassian cloud products while Crowd is designed for customers using our Server and Data Center solutions.

Does Access work across Atlassian Server products? show +

No. Atlassian Access works across the following cloud products – Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, Jira Core, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Trello. If you’re looking for Access-like capabilities for our Server and Data Center products, check out Crowd.

Does Access support Active Directory? LDAP? show +

Yes! Atlassian Access supports LDAP and AD FS via a cloud identity provider to leverage both SAML SSO and SCIM user provisioning. All of Atlassian’s supported identity providers offer connectors to your on-premise LDAP directory or AD server. Atlassian Access also directly supports SAML SSO with Active Directory using AD FS.

How does Atlassian Access work with CASB solutions? show +

Atlassian Access directly integrates with McAfee MVSION Cloud to provide customers advanced security and threat protection capabilities through the MVISION Cloud solution. You can learn more about the integration here.