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Fast innovation in Jira Software’s newest project type


2018 októberében bevezettük az újgenerációs projekttípust, amelyben újraalkottuk a Jira Software fő funkcióit, a csapatok független működését és a könnyű felhasználói élményt szem előtt tartva. A mai naptól még könnyebb az adminisztráció, rugalmasabbak a táblák, és új funkciók (például a natív útvonalterv) is rendelkezésre állnak. Innovatív, új funkciók gyors bevezetésén dolgozunk, miközben az általad szeretett klasszikus funkciókat is áthozzuk az új projektekbe. Azt javasoljuk, hogy tégy próbát. Ha úgy érzed, hogy még nem áll készen a csapatod számára, kövesd figyelemmel a fejlesztéseinket, gyorsan bővülnek a rendelkezésre álló funkciók!

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This page shows a curated selection of features we’ve released and upcoming features on our roadmap. All forward looking items are subject to change.

Bevezetett funkciók

Assign work to epics in bulk

Say goodbye to assigning issues to an epic one at a time! Users will soon be able to plan all their work from the backlog and bulk assign issues to an epic.

Egyszerűen tisztíthatod meg a tábládat 2020-ban érkezik

Clear "Done" issues from your board in a couple clicks so you have a clean view of all relevant issues and can easily remove issues that have been completed.

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2020.04.23. Search, sort, and modify issues with ease with project issue navigator

Next-gen navigation and search is about to get a lot easier with the project issue navigator: search for any issue in the project using text search, or filtering by Assignee, Reporter, and Status. Sort your list by a variety of criteria and modify the issues directly from the list.

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The project issue navigator

A csapat minden tagja személyre szabhatja a saját táblanézetét 2019-ben érkezik

We're opening up swimlane configuration so that each member of the team can view their work on the board in the way that's most useful to them - whether that's by grouping issues by assignee, by epic, or by subtasks.

A csapat minden tagja személyre szabhatja a saját táblanézetét
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Create and customize next-gen permissions 2020-ban érkezik

Create custom roles and assign permissions to these roles in next-gen projects. Now, in addition to the standard roles you get out-of-the-box (Administrator, Member, and Viewer) you can create roles of your choice. Once you’ve created the new role, you can: view and change its associated permissions, clone it, and a delete it. 

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Jobban átláthatod a kiadási készültség mértékét az újgenerációs megoldásunkkal

We’ll be delivering versions, along with the fixed version field, so you can plan and track multiple issues going into a release, reflecting the way you actually ship software. Versions can also be helpful for better understanding release readiness as well as reviewing what’s been released after the fact, for example to investigate problems or celebrate accomplishments.

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See how your issues ladder up to the big picture from the Jira roadmap

Get a better sense of what your team is working on, at a glance, right from the roadmap. With the addition of roadmap hierarchy, you'll be able to see all the stories, tasks, and other child issues that roll up to your Epics.

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Útvonalterv képernyőképe

Get the precise view of the Jira roadmap you need with new filters

New filters enable you to find exactly what you need on the roadmap, whether that’s work items from a specific person, that are in progress, or that you’ve completed. Once you find the right view of the roadmap, you can easily export it to PNG through the roadmap’s share feature.

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Break down work, right from the Jira roadmap 2019-ben érkezik

You can now create smaller pieces of work, with a single click, right from the Jira roadmap. This will help teams move faster, by doing more with fewer clicks

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2019.12.08. Az új hosszúszövegmező lehetőséget ad az információk részletes rögzítésére

This new custom field lets you capture detailed text responses in the main body of your issues. Add bullets, numbering, heading styles, and more to create the rich content needed to describe your team's work.

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2019.11.19. Újraalkottuk a sprint burndownt

We’ve merged the sprint report and burndown chart into a single report in next-gen. The sprint burndown chart shows the amount of work that has been completed in a sprint, and the total work remaining. It’s also great for understanding scope creep, and for providing a summary in sprint retrospectives.

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Sprint burndown chart

2019.09.09. Az újgenerációs ügyekkel a munkaidőt is naplózhatod

We’ve added time tracking so you can log the hours you work on issues. This can be particularly helpful for people that need to keep track of how much time they’re spending on issues or bill clients for the work they’re doing.

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Mérheted az ügyeken töltött munkaidőt

2019.09.09. Az új összesítő folyamatdiagram segítségével azonosíthatod a szűk keresztmetszeteket a munkafolyamatokban

The cumulative flow diagram helps teams see issue statuses in aggregate over time, which can be helpful for identifying bottlenecks in your team's workflow. In this report, you’ll see new legends for toggling columns to improve usability, as well as performance improvements for projects with large amounts of data, and some fresh new colors.

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Az új összesítő folyamatdiagram segítségével azonosíthatod a munkafolyamatok szűk keresztmetszeteit
Tervezett funkciók

Újraalkottuk a munkafolyamat-szerkesztőt 2020-ban érkezik

With next-gen projects we’ve rethought many of Jira Software’s core features to optimize for team autonomy and ease-of-use. We’re taking this philosophy and bringing it to a brand new workflow editor.

In our classic template workflows are global objects, meaning you can make them consistent across multiple projects. This works well for scaling a specific workflow across multiple teams, but also requires any changes to be managed by an administrator because they can impact multiple Jira projects.

In next-gen, projects are entirely independent from one another, meaning you can change something in one project and it won’t impact anything in another. In next-gen, workflows live within projects and will be tied to specific issue types. So for example you could have a specific workflow for your bugs and another workflow for your stories. Because the projects are entirely independent from one another, it gives teams more autonomy to adjust and continuously optimize their workflows without impacting other teams or having to bother administrators. The next-gen workflow editor also comes with a major facelift that will make editing and clearly visualizing your workflows easier.

A munkafolyamat-szerkesztő

CI-/CD-információk megjelenítése a kiadási központban 2020-ban érkezik

We’re reimagining 'releases' to help you take advantage of CI/CD information from your provider of choice, right within Jira Software. This new functionality will give you unprecedented visibility and insight across your releases pipeline, which you can then easily incorporate into the way your team plans and tracks work.