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Introducing Point A

Where good ideas become amazing products

At Atlassian, we like a challenge. And as modern teamwork evolves, so must our portfolio of products. Point A is our program for bringing new products to life—and you’re invited to join us on the journey.

Help build the next generation of teamwork tools

A teamwork directory

Team Central serves as your organization’s connective tissue, helping all teams connect and communicate progress as frequently and frictionlessly as modern work demands.

A developer tool for distributed architecture

Master the complexity of your distributed software architecture

Product discovery for product managers

Develop and deliver new product ideas, directly in Jira

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Atlassian Point A Community

Have questions, feedback, or want to connect with product teams about our new products? 


General availability

These products are now available to the general public! 🎉 Keep in mind, you can expect frequent changes and updates for GA products.

A work management solution for business teams, in Jira

A friendly and intuitive solution for business teams to plan, track, and manage their work

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A lightweight help desk for IT and business Ops teams

Capture, prioritize, track, and report on requests directly from Slack or Microsoft Teams

Program perks

Realize value early

Try our beta products first and let your teams work with the newest technology by Atlassian.

Shape the future

Provide critical insight and let us know how we can build the tools and features your teams value.

Connect with product teams

Get insider knowledge on how to get the most out of our portfolio from the folks who build it.

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Atlassian is leading the way in collaborative innovation

Point A made Atlassian one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in 2022 by encouraging internal innovation and connecting early adopters with product teams.

Learn more about Atlassian innovation

Check out one of the many ways Atlassian encourages innovation and creative thinking with the Innovation spike day.