Budget creation

Get everyone on the same page during the budget creation process.

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The budget is one of the most important aspects to plan for when you’re starting a project or launching a new campaign. Get your budget right and track progress from start to finish so nothing gets missed. Simplify the process and keep team members aligned on a shared goal and timeline.

Budget creation template

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Ideal for

• Legal teams
• Marketing
• HR
• Legal
• Design
• Sales
• Operations

Project types

• Company-managed

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How to get started with the budget creation template

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1. Track progress from start to finish

Creating and managing a budget takes a lot of work. Keep track of the status of everything, from "to-do" to "done," all in one place. We’ve given you a simple approval workflow to get started, but you can add extra steps to suit your team.

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2. Create clear ownership for important tasks

Assign tasks to ensure clarity around who’s responsible for what, and by when. Filter the list view by things like status or priority, to see the tasks that matter to your team. Easily add context, change due dates, and prioritize items inline, all in a single view.

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3. Align on the timeline

With calendar and timeline views, help your team visualize due dates and upcoming tasks. Stay on top of changes when they happen to keep things running smoothly.

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