Útmutató a szerverről a felhőbe való áttelepüléshez

Támaszkodj az áttelepítés folyamatát lépésről lépésre ismertető útmutatónkra – a benne szereplő források és ajánlott eljárások garantálják a sikeres átállást a felhőbe

Assess size and complexity of your data

In the Assess phase, you gathered information about your current landscape. Now it’s time to review your self-hosted instance(s) to see the amount of data and number of users you wish to migrate over to cloud. Factors that can impact your complexity include:

  • Size: This includes the size of your data, as well as the number of users.
  • Apps: This includes both the number of critical apps you have, whether they’re available in cloud (or have alternatives), and whether they have migration pathways.
  • Customization: This can include custom fields, non-Atlassian integrations, custom apps, and unusual data shapes.
  • Number of products: The more products you have to migrate, the more complex your migration will be. For example, a Jira Software only migration is simpler than migrating both Jira Software and Jira Service Desk.
  • Consolidation, federation, or hybrid hosting: If you are consolidating multiple sites, rather than simply migrating into a new site, this will increase complexity as data, apps, and users need to be reconciled. Similarly, federating, or splitting, sites, or choosing to host data in both cloud and server instances can increase complexity in the migration process.
  • User management: This includes the need for Atlassian Access, the number of anonymous users, the number of inactive users, and use of multiple identity providers.
Assess size and complexity of your data