Data Center on AWS

Deploy Data Center on AWS to meet increasing demand with confidence and to minimize infrastructure maintenance and costs.

Deployment options for everyone

Quick and easy deployment

Take advantage of default parameters and fire up our Quick Start guides, full of preset configurations and best practices from Atlassian and AWS, to deploy in no time. 

Highly customizable deployment

Every organization comes with a unique set of practices, protocols, and security measures. Customize our purpose-built CloudFormation templates to meet your unique needs. 

What you'll find in the templates:

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Native Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

Simply “set and forget” your SSL operation on deployment across all installations. 

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Custom Domain Name System (DNS)

Streamline your deployment with AWS’s intuitive Route 53 routing service based on Node IPs using an existing DNS zone.

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Database tuning parameters

Set your minimum/maximum pool size, test queries, connection timeouts, and test periods. 

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Configurable JVM heap sizes

JVM heap sizes aren't hardcoded, so you easily configure as needed.

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YAML-based templates

YAML-based templates allow for increased readability and familiarly.

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Tomcat optimization

Tune your maximum HTTP threads, connection timeouts, and ports.

Stacked blocks

Maximum performance, minimal overhead

AWS’s multi-node cluster reduces downtime from updates, restarts, and ongoing planned and unplanned maintenance. Streamline your Data Center instance by commanding all your infrastructure at once. Scale up and down with the control you need, and say goodbye to guessing (and often miscalculating) your plan for growth.

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Atlassian’s journey to AWS

Learn about our own experience migrating 11 traditional Data Center instances to AWS, and the benefits we've unlocked along the way.