We will end support for the AWS Quick Start templates on Feb 29, 2024. Learn more here.

Data Center on AWS

Streamline and modernize your self-managed environments by deploying Data Center on AWS using our Quick Start templates.

Deployment options for everyone

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Quick and easy deployment

Seamlessly deploy Data Center in a cluster-ready architecture on AWS with our Quick Start templates. These templates are pre-configured with our recommended settings, but you can easily customize them to fit your organization’s requirements.

Get started

Read our documentation to learn more about how to use our Quick Start templates.

What's in store?

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Native Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

Simply “set and forget” your SSL operation on deployment across all installations. 

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Custom Domain Name System (DNS)

Streamline your deployment with AWS’s intuitive Route 53 routing service based on Node IPs using an existing DNS zone.

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Database tuning parameters

Set your minimum/maximum pool size, test queries, connection timeouts, and test periods. 

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Configurable JVM heap sizes

JVM heap sizes aren't hardcoded, so you easily configure as needed.

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YAML-based templates

YAML-based templates allow for increased readability and familiarly.

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Tomcat optimization

Tune your maximum HTTP threads, connection timeouts, and ports.

Unlock added capabilities

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AWS CloudFront

Configure a content delivery network (CDN) to optimize the performance of your products directly in the templates.

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AWS Aurora

Boost stability and reduce downtime with a fault-tolerant relational database built for the cloud.

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Amazon CloudWatch

Monitor the stability and performance of each component of your deployment, all from a fully configured Amazon CloudWatch dashboard.

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Scale your instances efficiently and effectively

Our CloudFormation templates enable you to deploy your Data Center products in a cluster-ready architecture. This gives you the flexibility to add nodes to support your teams during peak traffic or upgrades - while allowing you to scale down your instance when you no longer need to be actively running in a cluster.

AWS video series

Watch our tutorials to see just how easy it is to deploy Data Center on AWS and the benefits we've unlocked along the way.