Companies everywhere use Statuspage to keep the right people informed during incidents

Everything you need to launch your own status page

Right out of the box

A single page for incidents

Ongoing incidents you create are displayed at the top of your status page as you and your team work through resolving.

Notifications send automatically

People can subscribe to your status updates via SMS, email, or webhook. They'll be notified immediately when you post to your status page.

Set a status for what’s impacted

Create your own list of services that make up your overall system. Show exactly what is affected by incidents. Subscribers can receive notifications for specific services or everything. Display historic uptime of services to show context on the overall health of your system.

Scheduled maintenance automation

Set future scheduled maintenance windows ahead of time with automated notifications. No more juggling maintenance email lists.

Surveyed Statuspage customers report...

Faster incident comms

Incident communication processes are +50% faster than their previous method

Fewer questions

On average, teams saw a -24% decrease in incident-related support tickets during downtime

More customer trust

67% of respondents reported an increase in user trust

Less time wasted

80% of support teams and 60% of ops teams say they're more efficient during incidents after switching to Statuspage

Trusted by thousands of companies across web tech

New Relic, Twilio, Dropbox, GoToMeeting, DigitalOcean, Shopify

Give the gift of transparency

Gift your customers transparent and proactive updates on your system health. Skip all the, "Are you down?" questions and set your page up before the next incident. Your customers will thank you!

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