Portfolio for Jira Features

Get visibility across all teams and projects.

Data-driven agile roadmaps

Organize and prioritize your team's work, including initiatives, to build a realistic roadmap that spans multiple teams and Jira projects. Scope and target release dates are easier to visualize in a Portfolio for Jira schedule view.

Resource and capacity planning

Assign and schedule the right resources for each team and take into account their skill sets and availability. You can even add potential new team members or contractors as virtual hires to see the impact on the team's velocity.

Schedule optimization

Allow Portfolio for Jira's advanced scheduling algorithm to optimize your roadmap, even when details including who will do the work and what level of effort is involved are still unknowns. Better predict release dates.

Estimation comparisons

With Portfolio for Jira, you can estimate your team's velocity, and target start and end dates for long-term plans. And while work is in progress, you can see the accuracy of your original estimates compared to your current estimates to help you understand how your team is performing.

Real-time forecasts

Portfolio for Jira dynamically loads your Jira issues and provides realistic release dates. Your plans are always up-to-date so you can track the progress of your releases and check if your team will deliver on time.

Roll-up reporting

Analyze different aspects of your plan whether it be by scope, capacity, releases, schedules, sprints, or themes. Portfolio for Jira provides roll-up reporting, and cross-team and cross-project visibility so that everyone is on the same page. Plus, you can embed and share your report with your stakeholders.

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Portfolio for Jira is flexible to the way your teams plan

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Jira integration

Loading data dynamically from Jira, you plan in real time so everything will always be up to date.

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Visible roadmap dependency

Set and review dependencies on your roadmap so you can avoid bottlenecks.

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Unlimited hierarchy

Create new (and unlimited) levels of hierarchy. You can roll up your epics into higher-level business priorities or big projects.


Multiple estimation methods

Plan with either time-based or story point estimates or both. Set default estimates so you can plan with un-estimated work.


Scenario planning

Play in a sandbox – create what-if scenarios and only commit or revert to Jira when you’re ready.

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Share reports and provide visibility and insights into project plans with aggregated reports of scope, capacity, releases, schedule sprint or themes.

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