Portfolio for Jira - your agile roadmap planning tool

With a seamless integration with Jira,

Portfolio for Jira helps your team visualize your agile roadmaps.

Illustration of Jira workflow getting organized with Portfolio for Jira

Setting dates in Portfolio for Jira

Set release dates and assign issues to them

Press calculate and check your forecasted roadmap

Calculating a forecast roadmap in Portfolio for Jira

Seeing any red flags?

To release on time, change release scope or manage team members and play with “what-if” scenarios.

Changing release scope in Portfolio for Jira

Manage scope

Four arrows icon

Move issues to different releases

Three people icon

Assign issues to different team members 

Pinned note icon

Re-prioritize issues

Looping aarows icon

Change sprint assignments

Manage team allocation

Adding user icon

Reallocate existing teams or team members

Calendar icon

Check team availability scenarios

Video chat icon

Create virtual team members (contractors, new hires)

Seeing green?

Your release is on track

On track release scope in Portfolio for Jira

Happy with your plan?

Thumbs up

Commit the changes

Jira is updated automatically

Thumbs down

Revert or keep planning

Go back and try different scenarios

Final steps

Now it’s time to work, so you can release on time.

Moving tickets in Jira board

Start working in Jira

Space ship taking off

Start sprint

Directional signs

End Sprint and recheck your roadmap

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