Bring schedules and work together with team calendars for Confluence

Team Calendar

One place for fast-moving teams to stay in sync

Team Calendars in Confluence Premium lets your team stay organized and communicate availability with a schedule of personal and team events that link to individual work calendars and Confluence pages.

Share calendars and plan ahead

Share calendars

Team Calendars in Confluence Cloud Premium will soon come with CalDAV server support that lets you integrate your favorite calendar clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, or Apple Calendar for iOS and MacOS and makes it easy for teams to work together.

Plan ahead

Stay organized and plan ahead by customizing recurring events or toggling event types on and off.

Custom views

Four different calendar views – list, week, month, and timeline – make it simple for you to track who's doing what and when.

Embed calendars

Add more power to your Confluence pages – embed your calendars on your pages or link events to spaces and pages.

Custom views and embed calendars

One place for all of your team’s work

Connect Team Calendars in Confluence Premium with Jira for more insight into development work. Add sprints, releases or any custom date field to a calendar for your team to see.

Get x-ray vision into Jira Software

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