Virtual event template

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Create memorable experiences by using our template to plan a live remote event

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Virtual event template

It takes an almost herculean amount of work to successfully run a live virtual event. Members of different teams at different locations collaborate months before the event to plan a single memorable experience. Teams planning virtual events need to set up streaming links, schedule remote speakers, and think about how to adapt in-person experiences for an online audience. With the virtual event template, you can set your team on the path to success.

Как использовать шаблон «virtual event»

Step 1: Explain your virtual event’s theme

Before you start creating projects and assigning tasks, use the template to provide background information and context to stakeholders. Start by adding high-level details such as your event’s date and key deadlines your team should keep in mind. Then explain your goals for the event and your vision for how it should be conducted. Keep this information at the top of your Confluence page so that everyone can easily reference it.

Step 2: Create a roadmap

Once you’ve established your event’s theme and goals, use the template to translate those goals into an actionable plan. Type /planner to create a simple, visual roadmap. You can customize calendars and lanes to keep your team aligned on what they’re working on and what they should prioritize. Gliffy Diagrams for Confluence is a great tool for organizing plans and adding visuals of your event’s schedule and run of show.

Step 2: Create a roadmap

Step 3: Track event planning milestones

Now that you’ve planned projects and set priorities, you can use the template to assign tasks and keep track of progress before each key deadline. Assign tasks and due dates for each active project. Describe the tasks and projects your team needs to accomplish after the event too. Then use the template to keep your team aligned on status updates, blockers, and any other information you team needs to execute an amazing event.

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