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DevOps Guides

Written by DevOps experts for product-aligned teams, find the right guidance for your team.


Introduce DevOps to your team

Learn how to instill a customer-first mindset as you start your DevOps journey.


Accelerate your DevOps journey

Take your way of working to the next level by increasing automation.


Get the most out of your DevOps practices

Measure and quantify the benefits of your DevOps practices.

DevOps Articles

Read about how DevOps brings software and IT teams, processes, and tools together to build, test, and release software faster and more reliably.

Infinity cycle

Put it into practice with templates

Discover our collection of tried-and-true Confluence templates. Teams practicing DevOps can use these templates to assess their DevOps rituals, identify opportunities for improvement, and set long-term goals.


DevOps change management

Assess your change management performance and mitigate risk.


DevOps runbook

Prepare your operations team to quickly respond to system alerts and outages.

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Sprint planning meeting

Organize and run your sprint planning meetings with ease.

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Incident postmortem

Record the cause and impact of an incident to reduce the likelihood of future consequences.

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Incident communication

Create a guide on how to respond when things go wrong.

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