ITSM known errors template

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Document known errors and help your ITSM team quickly respond to alerts

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ITSM known errors template

Even the most technologically advanced ITSM teams don’t always use the most advanced tools. Sometimes the best solution to an error is to apply a temporary workaround and schedule a permanent fix down the road when the resources are available. Use the ITSM known errors template to document solutions and update status information about known errors. Your ITSM team will quickly know how to respond to known errors, so they can keep systems operating smoothly.

ITSM known errors 템플릿을 사용하는 방법

Step 1: Add the known error’s ticket

Start by adding basic information about the error that your ITSM team needs to quickly access. Paste a link to the known error’s ticket and update its status in the template. You should also add links to tickets related to the known error for context. Your team will then have everything they need when it’s time to brainstorm and implement permanent solutions.

Step 2: Describe the error’s causes and impact

Now that you’ve customized the template with links and updated status information, you’re ready to go into detail about the known error. Start by adding a summary so that team members using the template can quickly understand what the error's about. Then provide in-depth information about the error’s causes, how it was discovered, and how it impacted services and users. Make sure to include enough information so that your ITSM team can reproduce the error.

Step 2: Describe the error’s causes and impact

Step 3: Explain how the error’s managed

Continue adding information about the known error by explaining how your ITSM has responded to it so far. Start by describing the workarounds your team uses to continue working while the error is active. Then detail the solutions in progress that will permanently fix the error.

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