Atlassian Levels Up Enterprise Self-Service Model


Annelise Reynolds

New Enterprise Offerings Give Teams Scalability, High Availability, Services and Support Needed for Mission Critical Work

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., July 9, 2014 – With a nod to its transparent self-service business model, Atlassian today unveiled JIRA Data Center, a new enterprise offering that provides high availability and performance at scale for teams building mission-critical software. Showcasing product details, pricing and new enterprise level support and services at, JIRA Data Center is the latest offering of the industry’s de facto team project management software that can be easily deployed across multiple nodes for instant scalability. The company's complementary Confluence Data Center that will quickly scale team collaboration across an enterprise will be rolled out later this summer. To support these enterprise product offerings, Atlassian is also introducing new premier level customer support, technical account management and authorized enterprise partners.

"The great majority of enterprises have fixed expectations about services and support, demanding a degree of hand-holding from their suppliers," said James Governor, RedMonk analyst and co-founder. "With JIRA Data Center, Atlassian is ready to deliver enterprise class support to its customers, alongside its other values."

“JIRA is at the center of so many amazing software teams – teams that send NASA rockets into space or sequence the human genome. The work of every software team is becoming increasingly more complex and vital,” said Bryan Rollins, Atlassian JIRA general manager. “JIRA Data Center is the solution for the growing number of organizations where JIRA is mission critical to the success of their software teams."

More than 25,000 companies and 8.5 million users rely on Atlassian JIRA each day to manage and track mission-critical software projects for their teams and businesses. Close to one-fifth of companies using JIRA have more than 1000 employees. Built for the enterprise, JIRA Data Center offers:

  • Performance at scale. JIRA Data Center offers significant performance improvements at scale. Concurrent user capacity grows steadily as more nodes are added. Clustering capabilities smooth out spikes in traffic improving performance and usability.
  • High availability. JIRA Data Center and Confluence Data Center provide active-active clustering to reduce the risk of system downtime. The Data Center platforms integrate with industry standard technologies for database clustering and shared file systems to minimize single points of failure.
  • Instant scalability. Teams can add a node in a cluster in real time. Re-indexing is very quick since the search index can be copied from another node.
  • Easy installation. JIRA Data Center can be up and running within a few hours. When installing JIRA Server, users can request a JIRA Data Center evaluation key to use that server as a node in a cluster. Existing customers on the most current version of the software can use their existing JIRA Server as one of the nodes in JIRA Data Center.
  • Premier Support. To complement Atlassian’s existing enterprise partner and technical account management programs, Atlassian now offers a dedicated team of senior engineers to handle requests on all Atlassian products as well as personal onboarding experiences and expedited SLAs.
  • Authorized enterprise partner network. Over 30 Atlassian Expert partners are trained, qualified and authorized to deploy JIRA Data Center and Confluence Data Center. Enterprise partners focus on complex customer solutions and full-service offerings, including installations, upgrades, integrations, customizations, training, and adoption.
  • High-value pricing. JIRA Data Center and Confluence Data Center are each priced at $24,000 per year per 1000 users. Term licenses can be renewed annually. Premier Support is available for $35,000 per year and Technical Account Management is priced at $60,000 per year. Complete pricing can be found at

“The Atlassian team is pumped about the results we're getting in our Performance Lab," said Rollins. "In our load testing, a two-node JIRA Data Center cluster was able to support twice the concurrent users as a single JIRA Server with the same response time. We can't wait to see what scale our customers reach with the new offerings."

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