For many agile development teams, accurate planning often comes down to capacity management. Portfolio for Jira lets you visualize cross-team capacity through a data-driven roadmap built on top of Jira Software data. The scheduling works according to available team capacity, but we’ve heard from many of you that scheduling could be improved if say, you were able to connect Portfolio for Jira to your existing HR systems where time off is stored. Well, wait no more.

For a more accurate assessment of team capacity, pull team availability from your preferred HR systems into Portfolio for Jira Server using the new REST API. You’ll be able to identify dependencies and bottlenecks earlier while creating a more realistic roadmap. This is the first iteration of our REST and JAVA APIs; we’re excited to help you extend functionality to get the details you need faster.

Portfolio for Jira REST and JAVA APIs

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Forecast realistically

Team capacity not only depends on the number of people working on a team but also their availability. Let’s say, you work for a large auto insurance company and you need to launch a new mobile app ahead of summer travel. You’ve got various teams working around the world on little else in order to hit your target release date. But, do you know what all of your teams’ capacity is? How many of the developers have scheduled time off and how will that impact your launch? Using the new REST API, integrate Portfolio for Jira with external systems storing relevant employee data (like time off) and feel confident your roadmap and forecasts are accurate, and your new app will ship in time.

Another task you can now automate involves the managing of transitions at the team level. This can occur for scenarios like moving someone from the platform team to the Android team. Availability status can be automatically reflected in your Portfolio for Jira plans. No more manual input of employee data for every single team member’s vacation, transfer, etc. phew!

Enterprise-grade reporting

For customers with custom processes or reporting, you can use the API to pull team details from Portfolio for Jira into existing reports for a more comprehensive view of development work. You can now drill down into team performance and strengthen the reports you share with leadership. Plus, you can determine how planned time off or unanticipated absences impact future timelines and your teams’ ability to track towards desired launch dates.

Agile roadmapping tool

Take planning to the next level. Get Portfolio for Jira 2.13 today

Want more information on the first iterations of Portfolio for Jira’s REST and JAVA APIs? Check out the release notes to learn more.

Forecast realistically with Portfolio for Jira Server’s API