A full 95 percent of new Atlassian customers start in the cloud with many on-premise customers making the switch everyday, and one of the primary benefits of doing so is on-demand scalability. Unlike on-prem systems, the cloud has computing power on demand, and can automatically scale to accommodate new users. Your product usage could literally triple overnight, and your systems could still adapt without the need for any manual intervention. 

Atlassian cloud infrastructure is built to quickly respond to fluctuating customer demand and user load. In fact, we’ve committed more engineering resources to scaling our cloud platform than any other investment to meet the needs of today’s enterprises. We’re excited to share some important updates around scale and reliability that are now available as part of our most advanced cloud offering – Atlassian Cloud Enterprise

Scale globally with unlimited instances

Common scaling challenges for enterprises – and how cloud can help

Organizations that move to Atlassian Cloud Enterprise for Jira Software, Confluence, or Jira Service Management can now scale confidently with the ability to leverage multiple instances under a single subscription. Multiple instances can be beneficial for several reasons:

  • Organizational autonomy: You may have separate product instances for independent regional teams; lines of business (such as HR, marketing, and IT); or acquired entities. Multiple instances allow each of these teams to have full autonomy within their technology systems.
  • Data segregation and protection: Your admins may want to set up separate instances for certain teams that deal with sensitive data that cannot be exposed to everyone, like finance, HR, or legal departments. You may even want to set up separate instances for external partner teams.
  • User experiences tailored to custom team needs: Some super users within your teams may need custom fields or workflows. Separating this minority of users onto a new instance keeps the user experience simpler for everyone else.

Atlassian itself works across multiple instances. We set up dedicated Jira cloud instances based on business needs, whether it’s the Jira development team on a more customized instance, segregated data for our security and finance teams, a dedicated instance for the Trello team, or a highly customized environment for our support team.

So if you’re in a situation that requires multiple instances, there are three primary advantages of the Cloud Enterprise offering:

  • One seat, many instances: With the enterprise plan you get centralized user licensing which allows you to pay for a user once, and grant the user access to unlimited instances. With other Atlassian cloud plans, you would need to purchase a separate license for each additional instance. Cost of a single Enterprise seat can be substantially less than the cost of two Premium seats.
  • Centralized admin console: To ensure global oversight, we now offer a built-in centralized admin console – no need to invest in custom dashboards. Admins can manage users and billing, setup services, get usage insights – all from one location as well maintain security compliance for product instances throughout the enterprise. 
  • Customization flexibility: Cloud Enterprise also allows users to customize their environments based on team needs, setting up instances with specific Marketplace apps or set of project configurations.

Raising users per instance to new heights

Our cloud tools are getting even better in 2021

While the Cloud Enterprise plan can support any scale with multiple instances, we recognize you may still need to support a large number of users on a single instance. Hence we are continuously raising our per instance user limit. Over the last two years, we’ve increased the per-user limit on a single instance fivefold – from 2,000 users in 2018 to 10,000 users in 2020. We’re currently running an early access program for 20,000 users per instance and plan to make this feature generally available by June 2021. 

Atlassian’s development teams are allocating significant engineering and product capacity to make sure our products can scale to support as many users as possible on a single instance of Jira or Confluence. Our roadmap will take us to 35,000 users per instance by 2022.

Ensuring the highest standards of reliability

We recognize that you leverage Atlassian products for some of your mission-critical workflows. You need us to scale your cloud products while ensuring they are running around the clock at optimal speed. So to back up our scale investments, we’re also ensuring the highest standards of reliability for Atlassian cloud products. 

For starters, we guarantee uptime in terms of service-level agreements. Atlassian Cloud Enterprise offers a guaranteed 99.95 percent uptime SLA, which translates to less than 21 minutes of downtime per month. But the actual availability of our cloud products – the percentage of time during a month that our products are fully operational, averaged across all customers – is even higher. For example, in the last six months, we clocked over 99.99 percent availability for our cloud products. And we make it easy to stay informed on our system’s availability and performance at all times. The real-time statuses of Atlassian cloud products are always posted on our status page.

Furthermore, Atlassian’s cloud infrastructure takes advantage of elastic scale, multi-level redundancy, and failure options across regions to reduce latency, maintain reliability, and scale with your organization’s needs. We know our customers run mission-critical projects and operations on Atlassian products, so we’ve worked hard to ensure that our cloud products are as reliable as our most sophisticated customers’ on-premise solutions.

And you’ll never have to allocate your own time, money, or resources to keep Atlassian products up and running at a large scale – we take care of that for you.

Atlassian Cloud Enterprise is the key to global scale and reliability

Cloud Enterprise: the next step in securing your Atlassian products

We know your mission-critical workflows are contingent on our ability to scale our cloud platform, and that’s why we’re constantly investing in improvements to our own technology. According to a recent survey by third-party research company TechValidate, 97 percent of our customers say that our scalability is better than the competition’s. With Atlassian Cloud Enterprise, we look forward to raising this bar even higher by offering global scale with unlimited instances and raising the user limit per instance to 20,000 later in the year, while maintaining our sky-high standards of reliability. 

To learn more about how Atlassian Cloud Enterprise can help you scale your business, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Cloud Enterprise: the key to global scale and reliability