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The idea of handing the security of your data over to another company may be intimidating. But when it comes to protecting data, most enterprises prefer cloud over on-premise setups. In fact, 94 percent of companies reported improvement in security once they moved to the cloud. This is because cloud service providers (CSPs) like Atlassian work to help you stay compliant, offer dedicated teams charged with keeping your data safe, and leverage secure remote-ready practices that help your teams get work done.

Stay compliant with major security frameworks

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Maintaining compliance with regional or industry standards is non-negotiable, especially for companies whose customers are entrusting them with sensitive information. With on-prem setups, that compliance is on you. You’re in charge of bringing in auditors, building out compliance roadmaps, and executing on your plan. A CSP can take care of the heavy lifting involved in achieving compliance certifications and offer technology that helps you stay compliant with local regulations. According to RapidScale, 91 percent of companies say cloud solutions make it easier to stay compliant. This is because any changes to compliance standards from technology perspective are also handled by CSPs on behalf of their customers

With Atlassian Cloud, you don’t have to worry about whether your Atlassian products are compliant—they are.

With Atlassian Cloud, you don’t have to worry about whether your Atlassian products are compliant. We meet all major compliance frameworks, including SOC2, SOC3, PCI-DSS, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27018, and GDPR. We also conduct thorough security audits annually using reputable audit firms.

Furthermore, with the launch of Cloud Enterprise – Atlassian’s most advanced cloud offering – we now offer data residency, the ability to choose where your primary product data (like tickets and pages) reside. We know that companies often have branches operating in regions that require data to be stored locally; data residency helps you comply with disperate regional requirements while staying secure and connected with data sharing.

Keep your data safe

Accomplishing enterprise-grade security on-prem can be challenging. It eats up your IT budget and forces your team to work tirelessly to stay on top of emerging threats and security best practices. But with CSPs that offer enterprise-grade security, you benefit from entire teams dedicated to keeping you protected. Cloud service providers have the bandwidth to devote time and resources to achieving and maintaining enterprise-grade security, recruiting technical experts who use the latest technology and security practices to guard against ever-evolving cyber threats. 

While 48 percent of developers admit they don’t have time to address security issues, Atlassian’s secure software development practices and operations allow us to fix vulnerabilities as they arise. On-prem development teams can take weeks (or months) to write and release a patch, but with Atlassian Cloud, patches are released as soon as they’re tested and available.

Cloud service providers have the bandwidth to devote time and resources to achieving and maintaining enterprise-grade security.

With Atlassian safeguarding your data, your IT team is free to focus on projects and initiatives important to your company. Automated user provisioning and de-provisioning – a key capability of Atlassian Cloud Enterprise – saves you time and money while keeping you safe. Your team no longer has to go into every product for every new employee and manually set up access.

Cloud Enterprise uses the groups and permissions defined in your identity provider to allocate access. When you assign a new employee to the marketing team in the directory, the Atlassian products and workspaces used by the team immediately become available to the employee. You can also just as easily take this access away. De-provisioning helps your team reduce the risk of data breaches by immediately revoking access to Atlassian products when an employee leaves the company. All your team needs to do is flip that switch in the user directory, and the change flows through to Cloud Enterprise.

Work securely, wherever you are

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Remote work was on the rise long before a pandemic forced companies to pivot their work environment strategy. Companies with large distributed teams across global regions and primarily on-premise environments had to scramble to address major security gaps after the shift.

This happened in part because on-prem setups make remote work a challenge. Sure, VPNs allow employees to connect to corporate networks, but few companies have the infrastructure needed to support an entire company working remotely. Firewalls and servers also require configuration that can accommodate numerous remote connections – not to mention the endpoint management needs to consider.

A major benefit of secure cloud solutions is that teams can easily access the products and workspaces they need to do their job, no matter where in the world they are. All they need is an internet connection.

Cloud solutions offering enterprise-grade security are built with a distributed workforce in mind.

Cloud solutions offering enterprise-grade security are built with a distributed workforce in mind. Atlassian Cloud Enterprise uses enterprise-grade authentication protocols like SAML SSO to authenticate employees through your current identity provider. You benefit from secure authentication practices while your employees enjoy the ease of accessing the Atlassian cloud products they need to do their job using a single set of login credentials.

Cloud Enterprise also makes visibility easy. Centralized audit logs allow your teams to see who accessed which page or project, or who downloaded or copied sensitive content. Make quick changes to user access, or take immediate remedial action in the event of data loss – either way, audit logs clue your team into questionable activity.

Focus on what matters most

Imagine what you could get done by reclaiming a few hours in your day. When you entrust security to cloud service providers, it’s possible. They can focus on what needs to be done to keep you secure and compliant, and you get time back to work on projects that excite you.

Cloud security makes your work easier (and more secure). Entrust Atlassian Cloud Enterprise with the security of your Atlassian products and give your IT team time back to focus on what matters most: helping your company grow and succeed.

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