This recipe is for the perfect roadmap. It’s data-driven, realistic, and it’ll give you the ability to combine agile and long-term planning, without the need for messy spreadsheets.


  • Estimated backlog items in Jira and Jira Agile
  • Your team’s velocity (in hours or points)
  • Jira Portfolio‘s nifty optimization algorithm


  1. Put away those messy spreadsheets
  2. Start your trial of Jira Portfolio – it’s free!
  3. Populate the Jira Portfolio backlog with your epics and stories by:
      • Importing them from Jira and Jira Agile
      • Entering them directly into Jira Portfolio
    ProTip: When importing a large amount of existing, un-estimated issues, it isn’t necessary to estimate all of them individually. Jira Portfolio allows you to enter a default estimate for both epics and stories. Taking an average value of past stories is usually sufficient for a rough plan, as long as the plan is then constantly updated and refined along the way.
  4. Optional step (this is like deciding if you want a two-tiered cake): Create initiatives, which are the next level above an epic, so they’re essentially groups of epics (initiative > epic > story). This will give you a higher-level view (more cake tiers!) across teams and epics.
  5. Add your team’s velocity, which can be entered directly, or linked to the team’s Jira Agile board.
  6. Let Jira Portfolio do its magic.

PS: If you want icing on your cake, create some themes, too. Think of themes as organization-wide focus areas which generally parallel the strategic objectives of the organization. They answer the question “Where do we want to spend our time in the next 6-12 months?” Themes essentially categorize or label the backlog by strategic focus areas, value streams, or investment categories, and are great for stakeholders to see where the organization is spending time vs. what was planned.

No more guesstimate roadmaps 

With Jira Portfolio, you can see when you can deliver with a realistic, data-driven roadmap, you can react to change with what-if scenario planning, and you can keep everyone on the same page with roll-up status and reporting.

With Jira Portfolio, you can see when you can deliver with a realistic, data-driven roadmap.

Want to learn more about how we use Jira Portfolio? See how our resident experts on planning, the Jira Portfolio team, use Jira Portfolio to combine long-term planning and agile development here.

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A shake n’ bake recipe for realistic roadmap...