We are updating the design across our product suite. Our new design wraps warmth and personality around our products, advancing trust and generating more emotional connections.

These design improvements also simplify our products and make them easier to use. They enable you to pick up work right where you left off and keep going, regardless of product or device.

How we got to now

That’s ^^ Jira 15 years ago. Without a single designer on the team, Mike, our co-founder, designed this on Adobe Fireworks. In other words, designed by an engineer, for engineers. Fast forward to 2012, when a small group of designers released the first version of our design guidelines.

Since 2012, with the great help of your feedback, we’ve evolved our products considerably. Our design guidelines have helped us build consistent experiences across our products, harmonizing how they work together and making them easier to use. In short, we’ve built good foundations – but this is only the beginning. We’re nowhere near the end of the journey. Which brings me to our next step, the launch of the third version of the Atlassian Design Guidelines.

We call it: Simply Powerful.

Simply Powerful is about creating a more intuitive and simplified experience while retaining what you love about our products: the power to customize them to meet the workflows of your teams. It’s also about making our products more accessible and approachable. We want to make it as easy as possible for every team to get started with Atlassian – from engineering to marketing and every team in-between.

For many of these changes, we have you to thank. Your feedback has been invaluable, and we’ve been listening. Over the years, you’ve told us that you love the flexibility and power of our tools, but they weren’t easy enough to use. This prevented your ability to bring that flexibility and power to all of your teams. We think Simply Powerful tackles that head-on.

Bringing Simply Powerful to life

This update to our design guidelines includes the biggest change to our user interface to date. As well as updating our design language, we have incorporated some key experience changes to help you get work done faster across our products. A good user interface gets out of the way and makes it easy for teams to understand, focus on, and complete their work.

Whenever craftspeople start work on something, they usually break it down to the core elements. They strip away what’s unnecessary. They ask, What’s essential for getting the job done? This is how we approached the project, we went back to first principles with all of our products. We spent time understanding what was at the core of our product experiences and what was most important. And here’s what we learned: at the core was you, the people, and the content you create to get work done with your teams.

So, we focused on those two things – you, and your content – to help you create meaningful connections with all your teams.

Once we knew we wanted to focus on people and content, we started by removing anything that didn’t immediately add to this. We began with the most popular screen in Jira, the issue view. We wanted to focus on maximizing readability and helping you get clarity faster across your work, and we did this by aligning every element to a more consistent grid. We then took away the header and the sidebar. We grouped common actions together to allow for easier scanning of the screen. To reduce visual noise, we removed unnecessary lines and gradients. Once we had the core, we made the content friendlier by adding in warmer colors and by focussing on people in the right places at the right time.

We then had to consider how you navigate across all of our products. Rather than focus on this in isolation, we wanted to ensure that our navigation was built to scale with you and your teams as they grow. Our new navigation system allows easier access to your content and your projects. You will be able to search for and create content across your suite of Atlassian products – from anywhere.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint

Placing design at the forefront of product development marks the next big step in Atlassian’s journey to create the best possible user experience. We want our customers to love our products, and forge long-lasting connections with them. Responding to customer feedback is the cornerstone of our philosophy, and yours has been incredibly helpful as we’ve embarked on this journey. Please continue to engage with us about your experience with our products so we can enhance the design and user experience to unleash the potential of every team.

Bitbucket Cloud kicked off our introduction to the new design, and Confluence just went live. These changes are also available in additional products throughout the Atlassian suite, with more on the way. As mentioned above, this is just the beginning. Follow the blog for more updates!

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