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The new Jira begins now

See how we’re reimagining Jira Software for the future of software development

The new Jira begins now

Connect real-time performance data to your incident workflow with the Jira and New Relic integration.

Seamlessly transition from error trace to hot fix

Reduce mean time to resolution by logging slow transaction and error issues in Jira directly from New Relic APM.

New starts with how you build your roadmap

Sketch out the big picture, communicate plans with stakeholders, and ensure your roadmap connects to your team's work - all in a few clicks.

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From whiteboard to workflow in minutes

Kanban, Scrum, or anything in between: set up and manage your workflow as you go.

Configuration made for everyone on your team

Toggle features and functionality on and off as you mold Jira to your team and project.

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Design your own way of working

Empower every team to create their own flavor of Jira with custom issue types, fields, workflows, and more.

A single source of truth across your organization

The new Jira issue centralizes every detail of work so information can flow across people, teams, and tools.

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Join us for an overview of the product vision, a demo of new features, and a preview of how we're building for the future of software development.

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