How to build your unique plan for growth: the top challenges and administrative tools you need to scale

Learn about Atlassian Server customers most common challenges as they grow and the administrative tools you need to scale.

Every organization’s journey is unique. Sometimes growth is a slow and gradual. Other times, something like a merger or an acquisition can cause a sudden surge in growth. It’s not just the rate at which your users increase, but also how they are using the tools and how frequently.

With an increase or change in usage, there are a number of challenges administrators encounter. An increase in API usage, distributed team members, performance degradation during peak hours or frequent outages are just a few examples of these challenges.

Join our live webinar to learn more about:

  • the most common administrative challenges as you scale
  • the top administrative tools for scale by use case or product
  • best practices and recommendations to create a plan for growth


Jessica Seitz headshot

Jessica Seitz

Product Marketing Manager, Jira Software

Jessica is a Product Marketing Manager at Atlassian, where she focuses on the marketing strategy for Jira Software Server and Data Center and is passionate about helping teams achieve their goals. She’s from the San Francisco Bay Area and loves spending time outside hiking, playing volleyball, biking, and skiing.

Ada Chen headshot

Ada Chen

Product Marketing Manager, Confluence

Ada Chen is Product Marketing Manager for Confluence Server & Data Center at Atlassian. She is passionate about collaboration and helping teams work better together. Outside of work, you'll find Ada at the park with her dog or at her neighborhood yoga studio.

Maggie Roney headshot

Maggie Roney

Group Product Marketing Manager, Enterprise Migrations, Atlassian

Maggie leads Atlassian's Enterprise Migrations product marketing teams. Her 4.5 year tenure at Atlassian has been focused on our existing enterprise Server and Data Center customers and helping support these organizations growth and modernization efforts. Outside of work, you'll find Maggie running marathons, checking out new music or hiking with her two dogs.