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Making all your data accessible, modifiable, and presentable will give you a competitive advantage.

Put it all into Confluence with add-ons that help organize, manipulate, and visualize data. With better insights, you can sharpen performance and boost innovation.

Build smarter spreadsheets

Make your spreadsheets work harder for you—directly on your Confluence page.

  • Microsoft Excel - Simply add an Excel spreadsheet to your page by typing /excel to launch the macro.
  • Google Sheets - Paste your Google Sheet link onto the page and get an instant selection of smart link options.
  • Advanced Tables - Get column totaling and averaging, numbering, sorting, filtering, CSS styling, and more.
  • Table Filter and Charts for Confluence - Add filters and Gantt charts, perform advanced SQL queries, and add pivot tables.

Make it a dynamic database

A database offers capabilities a spreadsheet simply can’t. Streamline processes so that collaboration flows smoothly.

  • Orderly - Add a database with your choice of various field types to structure your data. Then sort, filter, and display it on your Confluence page with linked tables that update automatically.
  • Properties - You can add custom forms to your pages, and those with the same form are automatically organized in a list. Filter, sort, and structure data with powerful reports and more.
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Appearance matters when sharing data. Level up with one of our favorite integrations.

Add a dashboard

Let teammates visualize vital data in real time by adding a dashboard app to your Confluence page.

  • Dashboard Hub for Confluence - Use predefined dashboard templates and powerful custom charts to create reports from your data that are easy to share with stakeholders—even external ones.
  • Zephyr Scale Reporting for Confluence - With over 60 types of reports, Zephyr lets you automate your test and QA reports, right on your Confluence page.

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