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Free templates for product managers

Use this collection of templates to take your product from ideation to launch.

À propos de cette collection

There are a million tiny decisions on the road to developing and launching a new product. How will you differentiate yourself from your competitors? What are your objectives and key results? What are the product milestones? How is the product received by customers?

With great power comes great responsibility. As a product manager, you’re tasked with creating a product roadmap that expertly walks the line between the needs of the customer and the business. Start a step ahead with this collection of product management templates that will help you navigate the product launch process from inception to deployment.

Free templates for product managers

Comment utiliser cette collection ?

Competitive analysis template


Analyse concurrentielle

Faites aussi bien que vos concurrents en documentant leurs offres et leurs stratégies.

Step 1: Compare how your product stacks up

Conduct competitive research to see how your products compare to the competition.

Determine what competitive content to research and how to synthesize your findings. Organize your findings and elevate your differentiation, competitive offers, pricing, and messaging. By completing this competitive analysis, you’ll get a clear idea of how you can distinguish your product in the market and rise above the crowd with a bang.

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OKRs template



Utilisez ce modèle de définition d'objectifs pour fixer des étapes importantes mesurables et ambitieuses.

Step 2: Set your goals

Outline your OKRs and share them with key stakeholders to ensure alignment.

This Objectives and key results (also known as KPIs - Key Performance Indicators) template will lead you through a popular and proven method of goal setting and documentation. Outline 1-3 big objectives, identify the measurable results you want to see, determine owners and collaborators for each one, and track your progress. Share with your leadership, designers, engineers, etc. for true team alignment.

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Product requirements template


Exigences produits

Définissez, suivez et délimitez les exigences de votre produit ou fonctionnalité.

Step 3: Outline what you’re building and why

Get your product requirements in order so you can easily communicate them to the design and engineering teams.

This PRD template will help you collaborate with design and engineering teams by outlining the assumptions you're making, core user stories, UX design, scoping, and more. Save the time you’d spend creating yet another feature spec sheet from scratch. Our best practices and repeatable template will build the bones for you in one simple click.

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Product roadmap template


Feuille de route produit

Consignez la feuille de route produit générale de votre équipe.

Step 4: Keep your launch on track

Manage key milestones in your product roadmap to ensure your launch stays on track.

It’s dangerous to go alone- take this! Use the product roadmap template to identify key product milestones and map out a high-level overview of upcoming features. Record, plot, and track updates so all teams can stay on the same page. Agile roadmaps are a product manager’s most powerful tool.

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Product launch template


Lancement de produit

Préparez votre lancement de produit, documentez la stratégie et planifiez les activités de lancement.

Step 5: Ship it

It’s time to launch the product you’ve taken from concept to completion.

This template will walk you through every step of your launch strategy from research to customer experience, allowing you to communicate clearly with cross-functional teams including Product Marketing. Give your new product or feature the rollout that customers (and your team) will take about for years to come.

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