Start strong with product development

Plan for and kick off new products after thoughtful collaboration with your team

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You already have the right team. Now you have the right resources to lead your team through the development of new products. Use our collection of templates to strategically collaborate with business, marketing, and engineering team members and kick off your new project the right way. Align your team and set yourselves up to successfully execute your product strategy.

Start strong with product development

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Business strategy template

Pratima Arora

Responsable Confluence

Plan stratégique

Consignez et présentez votre stratégie commerciale à l'équipe dirigeante et au conseil d'administration.

Step 1. Focus your strategy

It’s easy to come up with goals. It’s harder to follow through on them. Use our business strategy template to identify how your new project aligns with your overarching plan. Collaborate with business leads and stakeholders to make sure your project contributes to your company’s overall vision and goals.

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Product roadmap template


Feuille de route produit

Consignez la feuille de route produit générale de votre équipe.

Step 2. Create a roadmap

Once your team aligns on a strategy, you’ll be ready to plan product features and set milestones. Use the product roadmap template to understand how different teams and stakeholders will work together. This will help you identify potential dependencies between teams and clarify where you need to add more resources.

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Project poster template


Affiche de projet

Utilisez ce modèle pour définir votre problème, proposer une solution et vous préparer à l'exécuter.

Step 3. Share your vision

Make sure each team member is working toward the common goal. As you prepare to launch your project, use our project poster template to share your strategy. The project poster helps you succinctly describe your project’s scope, impact, and requirements. When new partners and stakeholders join your team, they can quickly read through the project poster to get in the know.

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Product requirements template


Exigences produits

Définissez, suivez et délimitez les exigences de votre produit ou fonctionnalité.

Step 4. Set requirements

It’s time to get detailed. Transform your product vision into specific, actionable plans with the product requirements template. Collaborate with designers, engineers, and other stakeholders as you shape and detail what you’ll need to make your vision a reality. Not only will this help you anticipate potential roadblocks, but you’ll also make sure each team member understands how to best contribute.

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Project plan template


Plan de projet

Définissez, délimitez et planifiez les étapes importantes de votre prochain projet.

Step 5. Prepare for success

Now that your team’s on the right track, keep achieving your goals with our project plan template. As team members work through requirements, they’ll ask questions and identify obstacles that could delay your product launch. They’ll also discover opportunities to help your team work faster. Use the project plan template to regularly check your team’s progress and keep them inspired.

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