Having a disaster recovery plan (DRP) is essential in protecting business-critical applications in the event of a disaster. With the release of Confluence Data Center 5.9, it’s now possible to resume operations in an alternate data center (usually in another geographic location), if the main data center becomes unavailable.

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Failover to another location is a fundamental part of a DRP and ensures Confluence’s availability in the event that your primary site becomes unavailable. For thousands of companies, Confluence is a business-critical application and we understand that no two DRPs are exactly alike. With disaster recovery in Confluence Data Center, you can configure index replication, attachment updates, and database synchronization to comply with your DRP’s specific requirements.

Beyond disaster recovery, Enterprise organizations have additional unique and complex requirements. Confluence Data Center supports these requirements by providing all the powerful features of Confluence Server, plus:



High availability: active-active clustering ensures that a node is always available to service user requests. Confluence Data Center works with industry standard load-balancing, and high availability database and shared files systems to minimize downtime for your users in the event of unexpected hardware failure.


Instant scalability: grow at the speed of your business. New nodes can join the cluster without downtime. Existing nodes automatically synchronize indexes and plug-ins with each new member.



Performance at scale: maintaining application performance is critical, each node added to your Confluence Data Center cluster increases concurrent user capacity, maintaining response time as user activity grows.



For additional information on disaster recovery in Confluence Data Center please refer to our technical documentation.

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